Aquarium Decor Market is Projected to Reach US$ 3.42 Bn by 2032

The aquarium decor market is poised to reach a valuation of US$ 2.54 Bn in 2022. Sales are projected to increase at a 3.0% CAGR, with the aquarium decor market size reaching US$ 3.42 Bn by 2032.

The environment-friendly decor concept is emerging as a major trend force in the aquarium décor market. Products depending on their quality, are being manufactured and purchased in the market. High-quality aquarium accessories are made of polycarbonate. They are durable and biodegradable. Wood Aquarium decor, which is durable, is demanded by consumers, that is, pet parents who have fish as pets. The rise of fish adoption as a “Stress buster “positively impacts the demand for aquarium decor globally. As a result, new aquarium decors are manufactured in different designs, sizes, etc.

Nowadays, due to the rise of awareness among consumers about environmental sustainability, they prefer more environmentally friendly products. Consumers demand natural and live plants, toys made from stones, ornaments made from natural material, etc., as they are more durable and biodegradable. Not only has this changed the aquarium décor market outlook, but also impacted the other industries heavily.

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Key Takeaways from the Aquarium Decor Market Study:

  • In the last two to three years’ e-commerce sites have contributed majorly to the aquarium decor market
  • The worldwide aquarium decor industry is being led by North America.
  • A variety of fish clubs and organizations are also driving the demand for aquarium decor by helping to expand the hobby and increase awareness of these threatened animals.
  • The ornamental objects phase in aquarium add-ons marketplace is predicted to account for the biggest proportion of aquarium decor market share throughout the forecast period and is normally pushed via way of means of the growing recognition of aqua spaces among the hobbyists.

Competitive Landscape

The leading manufacturers of aquarium decor are focused on sustainability of the environment, growing culture of fish farming that have driven sales growth of Aquarium decor globally.

The pandemic and lockdown had positive impact on the e-commerce websites which sold aquarium décor and advertised using social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube etc. But due to the break I supply chains, travel bans there was a very big negative impact on the aquarium decor industry.

“The aquarium décor industry is predicted to be befitted by the rising rates of fish adoptions. However, the growing awareness of importance of sustainability of the environment is likely to act like the driver for the aquarium decor market’s expansion globally”- FMI Analyst said.

Major players present in the aquarium décor market are Penn Plax, Qian Hu, Interpet, JebaoTropical Marine Centre Spectrum Brands Guangdong Boyu Group, API, Aquaria, AZOO, United Pet Group, ZooMed, Hagen, Blue Ribbon, Hailea Arcadia, Live Aquaria, Aqueon, Guangdong Boyu Group AND Spectrum Brands among others.

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