Appoint Child Custody Lawyer in Pakistan For Custody Case

Appoint Child Custody Lawyer:

 If you wish to appoint child custody lawyer in Pakistan or family lawyer in Pakistan, you may contact Jamila Law Associates. Our Child Custody Lawyer in Lahore & Child Custody Lawyers in Lahore is here to solve your All kind of Lawsuit related to the family issue.  It cannot deprive a party of his right to appear and defend suit through their attorney as such representation of child custody lawyer or family lawyer in Pakistan is permitted and recognized by s18 of West Pakistan Family Court Act, 1964.

West Pakistan Family Courts:

Ownership of a pardahnashin lady under S. 18 of West Pakistan Family Courts Act, 1964 to appear through a duly authorized agent applicable to a person, in general, would also apply to a party to suit. The presence of parties in person in pre-trial conciliation proceedings is not obligatory. Thus, he could not object to the appearance of the plaintiff through her attorney. The personal appearance of the plaintiff in conciliation proceedings is not mandatory. Acts done by the child custody lawyer or family lawyer in Pakistan are construed as acts done by the principal.

Agent And Attorney:

The principal is bound to such actions of his agent. Agent/attorney is bound to make payment and render accounts to his principal for the amount received. If the agent failed to account for the amounts so received, then the same would give the principal a cause of action to seek recovery of sums due to him. An attorney is given full authority to collect and receive the amount and do all incidental and ancillary acts in that regard. An attorney cannot utilize the powers conferred upon him to transfer the property to him or kith and kin without special consent and permission of the principle. Power of attorney should be construed strictly. The description of power of child custody lawyer or family lawyer in Pakistan does not include the power to make a gift, alienate or dispose of the principal’s property unless a specific and exhaustive clause is mentioned.

Family Lawyer in Pakistan:

The record revealed by the child custody lawyer or family lawyer in Pakistan that the petitioner’s application was rejected because she could not prove her ailment. Section 18 of Family Courts Act, 1964 permitted Pardahnashin lady to be represented by a duly authorized agent. When a Pardahnashin lady could be represented before the court through her authorized agent, the petitioner’s appearance in other proceedings, held, would not debar her to seek relief in the present proceedings through child custody lawyer or family lawyer in Pakistan.

Matters Related to the Children:

The executing court has jurisdiction to entertain objection as to the excitability of the decree. The matter of the welfare of a child is seldom rested judicata. Suppose such events changed the circumstances or the minors became adults to record preference statements under Section 17. In that case, the guardian judge cannot force the minor to live with the guardian so appointed against the wishes and welfare of the minor.

What Is Psychological Trauma:

If the children are not willing to live with their mother (Guardian), it shall employ no force as that is likely to cause psychological trauma. Power of attorney or letter of attorney is an authority whereby one is set in the turn, instead of in place of another to act for him. Such authority in writing is a power of attorney to child custody lawyer or family lawyer in Pakistan. We are Here Available  for Divorce Certificate and Khula & Divorce Suit.

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