Apply Makeup With Special Coloured Contact Lenses Safely

Coloured contact lenses are a widely used fashion devices all over the world. People are crazy about them and every day you would find a lot of people using these lenses. Whether it is for every day lifestyle purpose or for a special event/party or for festivals such as Halloween and Cosplay convention. Coloured & Halloween contact lenses such as the solotica coloured contact lenses are extremely popular.

There are people who have some concerns regarding coloured contact lenses. People are quite troubled by the fact that it is hard to apply makeup while wearing coloured lenses. Well, you must be aware that you should wear coloured lenses before applying makeup, right? Only after that you can apply makeup on your face. That is right you can apply makeup even after wearing coloured lenses. So if you are confused as to how to do that we are going to help you here.

Below we have listed a handy product guide so you can apply makeup without causing too much trouble to your eyes and contacts.

Make sure that your hands are perfectly clean before you touch your cosmetics and coloured contact lenses. Cleanliness is vital for safe use of coloured contact lenses.


The first thing is the use of primer. The use of primer will help keep the eye shadows and liners in place so that nothing gets on your coloured contact lenses.

Eye shadow

Eye shadows are available in powder and cream. So if you are going to use coloured contact lenses then it is better for you to use the cream version of eye shadow. You see powder will keep releasing particles that may get on your coloured lenses. It is better to use cream.


Eyeliners are probably more dangerous to use with coloured contact lenses. Also, they are not too okay to be used on your eyes. That is because eyeliners cover the pores of your eye lashes closing the oil glands of your eyes lashes. Secondly, these eyeliner would get on your coloured lenses as they are applied right above the lenses on the eye lashes. So you have to use it very carefully.

You can buy the cosmetics that are available with the coloured lenses that would help you with the makeup. But still, precaution must be taken. If anything gets on the lenses and in your eyes, it will cause discomfort.


Mascara is another fashion cosmetic that is widely used and actually it is not bad to be used alongside coloured contact lenses. But, if you are using the lash extending mascaras then it could get dangerous fo your eye health. That is because these mascaras produce micro-flakes that will definitely go on your contact lenses and damage them. That will ultimately lead to your lenses damaging your eyes. Secondly, there is another type of mascara available that is called the water-proof mascara. Do not use that as if anything gets on it, the mark will take a lot of effort to be removed. Too much rubbing may damage the lenses. So you have to be very careful.

You can use all the normal mascaras with different colours to make sure your coloured lenses and the mascara match perfectly. Just make sure you are using the lenses and cosmetic products safely.

All the other makeup kits, you can use them, just be careful that nothing gets on the contact lenses.

Safety Tips Of Using Coloured Contact Lenses

Coloured contact lenses are very popular fashion accessory nowadays. Because of that very fact, many people throw caution in the wind when they are purchasing and using coloured lenses. Rather than just looking good, you must be careful about your eye health and safety so you can keep on using coloured lenses. That also includes applying makeup safely.

There are certain things that you should do when you are using coloured contact lenses

  • Always wash your hands before touching your lenses or cosmetic products
  • It is better to buy makeup kits that are designed to aid makeup with coloured contact lenses.
  • Never share your coloured lenses with anyone. Sharing may transmit eye diseases from one person to another.
  • Before washing off your makeup, make sure to take off your coloured contact lenses.

It is important that you follow these rules carefully, do not be careless. Do not wear your coloured lenses for far too long and if you feel discomfort or irritation, give your eyes some rest and take off your lenses. Looking beautiful safely is the perfect way to go about.