Apply for permanent residency with visa subclass 186

The Employer Sponsored Visa 186 is a Permanent Residency visa for an individual to live and work in Australia permanently and has been offered a permanent position inside a business in Australia.

  1. Advantages of the Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 Visa
  2. A Permanent Residency visa permits you to remain in Australia endlessly
  3. Work and Study in Australia with the visa subclass 186.
  4. Try out Medicare, Australia’s medical services scheme
  5. Apply for Australian Citizenship (subject to qualification rules)
  6. Support qualified family members for permanent residency (subject to qualification measures)

There are three entry streams for Permanent Residence under the ENS:

1. Temporary Residence Transition Stream (TRTS) is for subclass 457 visa holders who have worked for their employer for a very long time and whose employer needs to offer them a permanent situation in that occupation.

2. The Direct Entry stream is for forthcoming representatives who have not held a subclass 457 visa for at least 2 years, or who are applying directly from abroad.

3. The Agreements stream is for forthcoming workers who are being supported by an employer through an arranged Labor Agreement or Regional Migration Agreement.

There are two stages to the ENS Application Process:


The Department of Immigration and Border Protection should be fulfilled that the employer:

  • Is effectively and legally working a business in Australia
  • Have a veritable requirement for a paid representative to fill a gifted position
  • Agreeable with pertinent Training Benchmarks
  • Offer a gifted position that is full time and progressing for atleast 2 years
  • Pay a market pay rate
  • has no antagonistic business data


  • The Department of Immigration and Border Protection should be fulfilled that the worker:
  • has been nominated by their employer inside a half year of applying
  • is younger than 50 (certain exceptions apply)
  • have the necessary abilities and capabilities for the position
  • Meet English, wellbeing, and character prerequisites

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