Apple Watch-Inspired Battery Powered Microwave – Campo Microwave Oven

When you are at home, you can prepare food in the kitchen using your microwave oven. But when you are outside, you need a gadget that can cook or warm up your food. Here where the role of the Campo Microwave Oven begins.

The Campo Microwave Oven is the new invention that provides cooking on-the-go for travel use. It is popularly known as an Apple Watch-Inspired Battery Powered Microwave Oven designed by Siyun Bae.

Apple Watch-Inspired Battery Powered Microwave – Campo Microwave Oven

The Campo Microwave Oven is a unique portable microwave in the shape of a helmet. Mr Siyun Bae has designed this microwave in a way to make it useful in the car, truck, SUV, van, RV and other vehicles.

The use of Campo portable microwave is not limited to cars only, you can use it at camping, picnics, beach, hill stations, forest, mountains, home, office, college/university dorms, PGs and other places.

What is the Power Source of Campo Microwave Oven?

The Campo Microwave Oven comes with built-in battery, so its power source is right inside the microwave. The built-in battery of this battery powered microwave is rechargeable, so you will need to connect it to a power outlet or the lighter port of your car.

The standard microwave doesn’t work without electricity from the wall outlet, while the battery powered microwave doesn’t work without connecting to the lighter port of your car/truck. But the Campo microwave works with its own built-in battery, so you can use it outside the car or inside as you prefer.

Color and Design of Campo Microwave Oven

The Campo Microwave Oven is made in grey color and it appears like a helmet. It is easy to operate with its simple design. It is compact enough to fit small spaces. It has a handle that allows you to carry it wherever you go.

It has a glass lid that you can open by pulling upward and close it by pushing downward. On top, it has a bright LED display with control buttons on both sides. You can set timer and other settings after putting the food plate/container inside the microwave.

Inside the microwave, there is a magnetic plate on which you can place the food for cooking or warming up. Its lid offers a secure locking system so that the lid doesn’t open by accident during the cooking process.

Benefits of Campo Microwave Oven

The design and mechanism of Campo Microwave are a bit different from any other microwave in market. Because there is not a single microwave oven that works without connecting its power cord to a power source.

Here I provide some great benefits of Campo microwave oven that will inspire you to buy it for yourself and your family.

  • The Campo Microwave works without connecting to any power source as long as its own battery has enough juice.
  • It is the only microwave oven with built-in battery that is rechargeable like batteries used in phones, tablets and wearable devices.
  • During a power outage, you cannot use any other microwave but Campo Microwave works at that time.
  • It doesn’t need to connect until you need to recharge its battery, so you can use it out of your home and out of your car.
  • It is compact and lightweight, so it does not take up much space in your car or camping tent.
  • It contains a carrying handle on top, so you can carry it in one hand and walk freely as it is very lightweight.
  • Its display and control panel are easy to access, you can set timer to cook the food as per your needs.

When you have the Campo Microwave Oven, it will make your holiday trips more enjoyable with warm food.

Why Can’t You Use a Standard Microwave in Travel?

A standard microwave can cook, reheat and defrost all kinds of food evenly. But there are some limitations of standard microwaves that they are not travel friendly. Because they consume more electricity and they are too large in size.

When you travel in your car or SUV, you cannot use the standard microwave as it requires a wall outlet that is not present in your car. It can also work with an AC inverter but your car doesn’t have an inverter.

So, the standard microwave doesn’t get its required power source for working during travel. Moreover, its power consumption is high which is not suitable for your car batteries. If you manage to use a standard microwave in your car, it will drain the car battery too soon.


The Campo Microwave is a portable microwave oven for using at outdoor places. With built-in battery and easy to understand design, it can be your best travel partner to cook food on camping and long trips.

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