Apple wants to use one chip for all its products

Apple is giving us a lot to understand by presenting the new iPad Pro with the Apple M1 processor. The Apple M1 chip known from the latest Mac computers placed into the new iPad Pro heralds an interesting future for the company’s products. madeApple says that the company seems to offer the same processor in all the products, including the upcoming iPhone. Why? With this move Apple will gain a lot – i.e. it will facilitate product control from the software level. Certainly, the company will not decide to combine all the systems into one, but nevertheless, the software will be more efficient.

Apple follows its own long-standing philosophy and unconventional solutions. Currently, as in 1998 with the release of the first iMac, Apple offers a variety of products to a very diverse audience. From cheap iPads to professional solutions like Mac Pro. Apple has always been guided by the goal of offering products that are efficient, functional, easy to use, and most importantly, with a unique design. Currently, the latest products are extremely efficient, offering an interesting design, and are universal. They satisfy individual needs, meet tastes, and, most importantly, differ in purpose. Nowadays, the customer does not have to wonder whether the product he likes will be efficient enough. The new generation of Apple processors already provides this, and the customer does not have to wonder if he is making the right choice, because all the products with M1 processors are equally efficient. Apple has just started the transition from Intel processors to its own SoC – M1 is the first generation of the Apple Silicon. In the future, the company will need to introduce different versions of the Apple Silicon depending on their purpose if it wants to keep the computers for professionals, such as MacBook Pro or Mac Pro, in their portfolio. These computers need to differ in performance from the Mac mini or MacBook Air. The next Mac Pro will certainly have extremely high performance that will not only win with the market competition, but most importantly it will meet the expectations of professionals.