Apple Patents Keyboard That Switches iPad to a MacOS-Like Interface

Attention all Apple enthusiasts! If you’re tired of constantly switching between your iPad and Macbook for work, we have some game-changing news to share. That’s right, and Apple has just patented a keyboard that seamlessly switches your iPad into a MacOS-like interface. Imagine the convenience of having two devices in one without any hassle or fuss. Trust us when we say this will revolutionize how you work on your device. So, keep reading to find out how this innovative technology works and what it means for the future of Apple products.

How does the new keyboard work?

Apple has patented a new keyboard that switches the iPad to a MacOS-like interface. The new iPad air keyboard would have a dedicated key for switching between the two interfaces.

The new keyboard would make it easier for users to switch between the iPad and MacOS interfaces. It also makes using the iPad to replace a laptop or desktop computer possible.

What are the benefits of the new keyboard?

The new keyboard would offer several benefits over the current iPad keyboard, including:

  • A more traditional MacOS-like interface makes switching between the two platforms easier.
  • A physical escape key for quickly exiting out of apps or menus.
  • A function row with dedicated keys for common tasks such as volume control and brightness adjustment.
  • Dedicated keys for opening the notification and control centers.
  • A Touch Bar with customizable shortcuts for frequently used commands.

When will the new keyboard be available?

According to the patent filing, the new keyboard would include a dedicated key for switching between iOS and macOS. The key is likely located in the top row of keys, similar to the existing function keys on Apple’s keyboards.

The ability to switch between iOS and macOS on the same device has been rumoured for years, and it seems that Apple is finally ready to make it a reality. The company has been working to bridge the gap between its mobile and desktop operating systems, and this keyboard could be a big step in that direction.

There’s no word on when the new ipad pro 12.9 keyboard case will be available, but we’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

How much will the new keyboard cost?

When Apple released the iPad Pro with a detachable keyboard, many users were excited to use the device as a laptop replacement. However, the cost of the keyboard was a deterrent for many people. Now, it looks like Apple may be working on a more affordable keyboard for the iPad.

A recent patent filing from the company shows a design for a keyboard that would attach to the iPad and provide a similar experience to using a MacOS-based computer. The keyboard would have a trackpad and function keys, making it more like a traditional laptop.

The cost of the new keyboard is not yet known, but it is likely to be less expensive than the current model. This would make the iPad Pro more appealing to users who want a laptop alternative but don’t want to spend over $1,000 for the privilege.


Apple is known for pushing boundaries. Their latest patent, allowing iPad users to switch the device’s interface to a MacOS-like one, shows their dedication to creating innovative products. This new technology could be revolutionary for iPad users who want access to all of the features MacOS offers without buying an expensive laptop or desktop computer. It remains to be seen if this patent will become a reality, but the future of computing is bright!