Take a Look and Solve AOL IMAP Setting Errors in Outlook

How to Integrate and Solve AOL IMAP Setting in Outlook 2016

Suppose your Microsoft Outlook is not sending any emails, then the solution is really very simple just as to change the settings. But, it can also be something more complicated. Strolling through basic problem steps can assist you to solve the problem of not able to send messages in Outlook.

Problems you are facing in Outlook?

You get stuck in the outbox of your mailbox.

Resending the mails

Here and there just having a try to send email again and again. But still facing a problem, then follow the below steps for AOL imap setting outlook errors –

  •         You have to right-click on the email stuck in the outbox, then point towards Move and select the folder of drafts.
  •         Now you have to open the folder of drafts in outlook and click on send.
  •         Also, verify whether the message is at present stored in the sent folder or it is still in the folder of the outbox.

First, you have to double-check your receiver’s email

A minor mistake, for example, a comma added rather than a period, can keep your Outlook prevent from sending an email.

Also, check Your Connection

  •         To begin with, ensure that you are properly connected to the internet. When you have confirmed your internet connection, ensure that you are working in the outlook online.
  •         Have a look at the lower-right corner of the window of Outlook. suppose it says you’re you are Disconnected, or you are Working Offline, or you are trying to connect, then it is 100% sure that you are not yet connected with your server of email.
  •         Now click on the Send/Receive tab showed on the strip.
  •         Click on Work Offline in the group of preferences. You must now check and see the line Connected to Server in the lower-right corner of the window.
  •         Now click on the Send/Receive All Folders option in the group of Send and Receive.
  •         Also,Verify whether the message is currently in the Sent folder of outlook or it is still in the outbox.

You need to look at the attachments

Outlook gives you the limit of sending the document where you can send a file upto the size of 20 megabytes (MB) for online internet accounts, for example, Gmail or Hotmail, and 10 MB provided for Exchange accounts such as business outlook mail accounts. suppose if you are getting a message of any error taking place about the document size when you are trying to send the file through an email, you might be increasing your file size as per the limit provided by Outlook.

Synchronize Your Password

If you have just now changed your password online, then you should change it in Outlook too or you won’t have the option to send (or get) mail messages.You can find the option in AOL Imap Settings Outlook 2016.

Having messages stuck in Outbox is a quite very common issue occurring in Outlook: you’ve composed an email, even clicked to send it, however, it still remains in the Outbox folder and Outlook is not able to send your email messages, even trying all the things.

There might be many numbers of reasons why Outlook is not able to send you’re any of the emails. To limit the reason for the stuck messages in the outbox,also, first of all, you have to check if you get a message of the problem while you are performing an activity of Send/Receive.

If you are receiving the message of any problem while trying to send the email.

In all probability there is a problem of interaction between your mail server online and your outlook, so the email got stuck in the outlook as Outlook is not able to connect with your mail server.

AOL not Sending emails problem occurring in Outlook

Here is what you need to do if AOL not sending emails

  •         First, you have to check with your Internet service provider to ensure that it is not blocking the port number that is being used by your outlook for the active mail server (a few providers of the block port number 25 or different ports that might be used by your active/SMTP mail server);
  •         Now cross-check with your email id provider and ensure your settings of a mail server are updated. So, if mail server providers change your port numbers or the methods of authentication, then regardless of whether your Outlook account used to send messages with no issues, it will not work for a longer period because the settings of active mail server were changed;
  •         First of all check with your provider of an email address and ensure you have not passed more than hourly/day by day email send amount (or other limits that is limited to you by your email provider);
  •         If you have the slow internet connection speed, ensure your Outbox messages should exclude extremely huge size files that is10 – 20 Mb or more. The connection to the server may then break before Outlook gets the chance to send such a large size email;
  •         If all of the above solutions don’t work, then you have to use Google and search out for the accurate problem occurring code that you got while you were trying to send an email: it will probably lead you to an appropriate solution. You have to even look at this below list of the most common problem of sending and getting email messages with its solutions.

If you don’t get a message of the problem occurring while you are trying to send the emails, then the problem of this is probably related to your local setup of outlook.


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