Significant Uses of AOL Desktop Gold

Over the years AOL has provided unparalleled experience to its users. The software is running equally with technology. As technology is fetching more and more fascinating characteristics to this, making it above everything. Here are some of the mesmerizing features of AOL Desktop Gold which will stop your eyes and make you fall in love at first sight. This guide will tell you about the best qualities which you need to know.AOL Desktop Gold is so much favorite to people. But why?

AOL Desktop Gold is so much Favorite to People. But why?

  • In general, if we define AOL Desktop Gold Download then it will be said as the easiest to use, preferred by innumerable people all around the planet. It is a package of many options, you can perform at a time. The software offers vast features that you will love when operating AOL. Either you need entertainment after coming home from a full tiring day, you can play games., stream videos and audios, or if you want to get updated with the latest news what is going around.
  • Any time you have to connect with your family or friends or reliability. It covers almost everything. Searching for the content, web browsing and online surfing are some of the major advanced features of this software. The automatic update option is available through which it will get updated from time to time with the latest versions. Once, the new version will install the old version replaced by itself.
  • Premium security options are provided by it, which helps the users in a variety of ways. The account will be totally safe from being hacked or compromised. All the personal data of the user will be in safe hands if it comes to security. 
  • AOL Desktop Gold Download can be easily done by following a few of the steps and the setup can be done within a very short time. Only you should have all the complete requirements needed by your computer. This will save your time.
  • The software provides the option of sending and receiving emails, you can easily customize the font size of emails according to your choice, the color, emojis, and many more. The AOL mail service provider has provided the best email service to its customers. People have huge trust in this and are using it blindly from a long time.
  • The AOL Desktop Gold provides the facility of bookmarking the websites on the top of your website, in order to save the precious time of the user. You can easily search when you want to browse it again and again. There will be no tension in visiting the web address number of times when you want to access it.
  • Anti Phishing security systems are available which will help the user when you use it when the browser or you have to send any mail. There is the full security of the account and your login credentials will be secure when it comes to log in your account frequently.
  • Whatever the data you have stored in your device, can be easily transferred from one system to another when there is any need to import or export. It could be images, Messages, address books, etc.
  • The software gives the option of importing all the data from the previous AOL Desktop and the option of import wizard will help the user to operate this action in a very quick way.
  • AOL  Gold Download gets you all the features such as very high speed, based on the latest technology the operating system where it can work is windows 7,8,8.1,10 an on MAC.
  • The RAM with 1 GB, processor consists of 266MHZ and can be more than that the screen resolution is up to 1024*768.


Last but not least the AOL desktop has the most advanced features if it will come to compare with the other softwares which are in the market. It provides the highest security service like 2-way verification and the property of encryption. The encryption will help the users to escape from becoming a victim of cybercrime; all your personal information will be stored in the hard drive of the system.