Anti-Rust Solutions For All Your Metals

What is Rust?

Rust is the reddish-brown oxide formed on any ferrous metal due to exposure to water and air. It is an iron oxide that occurs when iron comes in contact with oxygen in the air. The water molecules can penetrate microscopic gaps in the metal which starts the rusting of the metal. Rust causes expansion of metal which places huge stress on the structure. This leads to brittle and weak metal structures, which can destroy if left untreated. Rusting becomes rapid when the metal comes in contact with salt, sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide.

How to protect the metals from rusting?

Now that we know what metal rust protection is and how destructive it can be, we need to know about the preventive measures and solutions to keep the structures strong and durable. There isn’t a fixed period when rusting can happen. It can happen anytime hence, it must be properly cared for. Some of the ways to protect the metals from rusting are-

  1. Rust Resistant Alloys 

Using rust-resistant alloys act as a shield against rust which helps in its prevention. The most common alloys are stainless steel and weathering steel.

  • Stainless steel contains 11% chromium which helps in creating a shield to protect the metal from rusting. If the shield is damaged, it can re-form.
  • Weathering Steel or COR-TEN contains metals like chromium, copper, nickel and phosphorous which form a protective layer to reduce rusting with time.
  1. Galvanization

Galvanization is a process of coating the metal surface with a layer of metallic zinc by electroplating or hot-dip galvanizing. The layer acts as a shield and protects the metal from rusting.

Zinc protects the metal by preventing water and oxygen from reaching the metal and in case the layer is scratched off, zinc protects the metal by cathodic protection. Since zinc is highly reactive to oxygen, it forms a protective layer of zinc oxide which further prevents the iron from rusting.

  1. Bluing 

This process involves immersion of the metal into a solution of potassium nitrate, sodium hydroxide and water which provides strong rust resistance. 

  1. Organic Coating

Paint acts as a cost-effective organic coating for prevention of corrosion of metals from rusting because it is an oil-based coating of about 15-25 micrometers, which prevents the penetration of water and oxygen. 

  1. Powder Coating 

This process involves applying a dry powder on a clean surface using an electrostatic spray process and then heating it. This turns the powder into a thin film of 25-125 micrometers, which prevents the penetration of water and oxygen.

  1. Prevent scratching

Metal scratches can hold water in them due to which it remains in contact with iron, causing rust. It can be prevented by opting for cold-rolled steel as it creates a smooth surface that doesn’t allow water to be trapped. 

How Zavenir can be the best solution- 

Zavenir offers a wide range of products to protect rust cleaner for metal and improve their durability and strength. 

Some of the products offered are-

  1. NOX-RUST Coatings

It is a rust preventive coating that provides superior outdoor exterior rust prevention during lay-up and mothballing. It is based on the SACI technology and has been approved by the leading global Oil and Gas players. 

They are beneficial as-

  • They reduce Cost Per Component by providing extended product life, improved operating costs and requires lower maintenance and service expense. 
  • They have improved rust protection from 6 months to 2 years in severe climates in outdoor conditions. They are fast curing and also compatible with non-ferrous metals and lubrication oils. A wide range of film types are there and their thickness is easy to control. 
  • They are approved by the US Military MIL Specs with listing on Qualified Product Listings of the US Department of Defence.
  1. NOX-RUST Waxes

These rust preventive waxes are based on the Contact Corrosion Inhibition (CCI) technology which is commonly used in vehicle bodies as this technology protects from rust, snow, mud and stone chipping. 

There are beneficial as- 

  • They reduce Cost Per Component with reduced warranty claims costs and servicing expenses along with extended life of up to 15 years.
  • They are globally HSE approved and have the availability of environment-friendly VOC-free and water-based options. 
  • They are sag resistant with thermally stable film and are compatible with painted, non-painted, ferrous, non-ferrous metal surfaces and plastics. A wide range of film types are there and thickness is easy to control.
  • They also have sound dampening properties which reduce vehicle vibration noise. 
  1. NOX-RUST Liquids

These are rust preventive oil that are based on the Contact Corrosion Inhibition (CCI) Technology which provides improved rust protection to parts present in high humidity and temperature. 

These are beneficial as- 

  • They reduce Cost Per Component by very low consumption of oil, lower evaporation losses, improved sump life and quick-drying properties. 
  • They are Globally HSE-approved products and have barium-free versions. 
  • They provide excellent rust protection of about 1 month to 2 years in severe conditions like high humidity and corrosive atmosphere. 
  • They provide outdoor protection, protection in an acidic environment and are even compatible with non-metals, fuels and other oils/lubes.
  1. NOX-RUST VCI Liquids and Powders

These are rust preventive products that are based on Daubert VCI Technology which protects the exposed and unpainted metal parts of interior metal surfaces in enclosed systems during various stages of their life cycle. 

These are beneficial as-

  • They reduce Cost Per Component by very low consumption of oil or powder.
  • They are Globally EHS approved and can be removed easily. 
  • They are easy to use in areas that are not easily accessible and are multi-metal compatible. 
  • They provide excellent rust protection in enclosed areas, even when there’s high humidity. 
  • Quick restoration of the mothballed facility. 

Zavenir is a growing company that manufactures specialty chemicals for metalworking, paint shop, and corrosion protection. Zavenir delivers outstanding solutions as per the global market demands and at affordable prices. The the company envisions to evolve into a globally recognized, technology-driven, an innovative group of businesses focused on harnessing growth in the range of specialty chemicals with an aim to have products used in every business and household.