Anna’s Bakery Congers Celebrates the 20th Anniversary

“We are a bakery ruling the hearts, minds, and taste buds of our clients for more than two decades. The business setup was not easy for us when we started in 2001. However, with consistent dedication and efforts, we earned the best taste in the cuisine industry. From our triple-tier wedding cakes, special occasion customized cakes, and simple daily item such as cookies, biscotti and pastries – customers have given us constant feedback. And we are grateful for that feedback as it allowed us to serve customers in a better way,” stated the brand ambassador of Anna’s Bakery.

“Today, we are glad to announce Anna’s Bakery’s 20th year anniversary celebration. We are delighted to celebrate it with twenty times bigger customer family who eat, love, and enjoy our cakes and other delicacies. We are also happy to inform our buyers that we are considering to expand our menu and testing several tastes to final one to launch next year. It has been made possible with the unwavering support of our staff, bakers, buyers, and official clients. Over the years we have kept the emphasize to provide our customers a taste that they are acquainted with. Because even after multiple innovations and changes in the cake industry such as fondant cakes etc. – we have a huge number of shoppers who prefer the old-is-gold taste of Anna’s Bakery. We think nothing can beat the joy of Anna’s Bakery tinned cookies that made the record in demand for a whole year after its launch. It is to-date popular among our customers. Hence, for them, we preserve the gastronomical pleasure of eating in our cakes.” She continued in the press release statement.

“Having said that, we are also moving towards the cake and pastry necessities of 2021. We understand the wants and requirements of cake artistry in the new era. Thus, including the coming-of-age cake customization in all our cakes, including wedding cakes, dessert-style cakes, special occasion cakes, pastries, cookies, and biscotti. Anna’s Bakery congers continued the tradition of cakes from generation to generation – whether it is a birthday or christening, an engagement or a wedding, college and university graduation, anniversaries, and countless other occasions. We have marked every occasion as memorable with our delicious, loving-it-to-the-bits cakes and delicacies.”

She said, “On the special occasion of our 20th anniversary, we are making some of our cakes available to few enlisted bakeries who take inspiration from our cake culture. It has been done after the relentless requests of our consumers who want the taste to be reachable to them. Thus, we take pride in the fact that we can keep up with this sweet legacy that our old generations started. Our genuine customers, years old loyal buyers are our strength in the rapidly growing and competitive market of cakes and sweet delights”.

There is always room for improvement. We believe in adapting to the cutting-edge changes in the industry. Humans have been replaced with machines. Yes, the use of the machines lessens our effort and helps us produce more quantity. But we do not compromise on the quality. The amalgamation of the energy from both sides has produced excellent results for us. We appreciate the overwhelming response and growing love from our customers. We are also modifying the complaint system to address the clients’ inquiries abruptly. We are also paying head to increase our product quantity to tackle the bulk orders on the special and holidays.

The journey from a small bakery to a known and established brand was not possible without the help of our beloved customers, who built long business relationships with us. We pay utmost value to this relationship, and our team is eager to make this relationship stronger.

Thanks for being a part of our successful journey.


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