Ankle bracelet: Pampers and accessories to decorate your feet

The legs are among the most beautiful parts of a woman’s body. This fact is often overshadowed by the modern media, which highlights women’s faces and torsos, and more. Yet throughout history, the delicate shape of women’s feet has received much respect and attention, as evidenced by the classical literary works of DH Lawrence and Lord Byron, to name just a few. The protagonist in “Double Indemnity” is so attracted to the ankle bracelet worn by a woman named Walter Phyllis that he mentions it several times during the film.

In ancient China, it was such a big deal that women had small, delicate “moon-shaped” legs (i.e. with deep illustrations) developed a complete custom dedicated to foot-tying. It was extremely painful for women, but the values of lovely feet at that time greatly helped to determine the quality of overall attraction; Short-legged women were considered aristocratic and aristocratic.

Nowadays we have eliminated painful exercises, knowing that women’s legs are naturally beautiful. The perception and curvature of the ankles call for jewelry to be pronounced. Part of why ankle bracelets are in growing demand.

Ankle bracelet with name – “ankle,” for short – light and fancy decoration for the feet. Many come with small attractions, which usually include a favorite symbol, such as the cat, the heart, the stars, and the bells – the variety is endless. The bracelets worn on the feet are actually very similar to the bracelets worn on the wrist, which is why for many, the bracelet and the ankle are interchangeable.

In most cases, ankle bracelets are casual accessories: these are fun to wear on a normal day. 

Bracelet style which is popular today


Bracelets are one of the oldest ornaments. In ancient Egypt, men and women often wore gold bands or rolled gold wires on each wrist and upper arm.

Often adorned with statues of snakes or sphinxes, bracelets were popular until the fall of the Roman Empire when long sleeves worn in the Middle Ages sent them into obscurity. 

Popular bracelet style

As you have learned in the chain section, the chain length can be worn around the wrist as a bracelet in any number of interesting styles. But there are a wealth of other bracelet styles to choose from – some set with gems, some displaying the beauty of precious metals. Some bracelets are flexible like chain bracelets. Something inflexible.

Today, most people wear bracelets on their wrists, although hand bracelets and ankle bracelets are available. Both men and women wear chain bracelets, although many bracelet styles are only for women. Stainless steel bracelets are also in fashion now.

The diamond tennis bracelet is one of the most popular ankle bracelets with name styles today. This is a variation of a classic bracelet style, a straight-line bracelet. Simply put, it is a flexible band of the face, usually around a diamond of matching size set in a line around the wrist.

Famous tennis player Chris Evert has got a new name after drawing public attention. Evert’s diamond straight-line bracelet slipped during a television tennis match. He closed it to restore the match, calling it his “tennis bracelet” and the new gem became part of history.

Cuff and bangle bracelets are examples of rigid bracelets. But the cuffs could be Filigree’s openwork. These can be gem-set or otherwise decorated. Designer Elsa Peretti is known for her “bone cuffs” design – a precious metal-shaped liquid-shaped cuff bracelet to fit the contours of the wrist.

A bangle bracelet can be round or oval. Sometimes, though, the bangle has an angular shape like a square outside. Most bangles are made of precious metals but can be made from jadeite, nephrite, or a combination of materials. The bangles slip over the hand or open and close through the hinge and hug mechanism. Hinged bangles usually feature short safety chains, if their clasps open accidentally. Bangles, like cuffs, can be ornate or simple, in addition to gem-sets or gems. Sometimes women “stack” several bangles together.