Animal Communicator Nancy Mello Helping Pets and Their Owners

Body language, facial expressions, and vocalizations all play an important role in communication, but have you ever wondered what your pet’s body language was trying to tell you? Have you ever thought that your pet just knew things? If so, Nancy Mello can help you learn how to communicate with your animals through Animal Communication techniques! Whether you’re looking to talk to your dog or even a horse, Nancy Mello has been voted as the top animal communicator in the world and can make sure your animal is happy and healthy!

Who is Nancy Mello?

Nancy Mello is an animal communicator, noted blogger and highly sought after for her help with animal welfare organizations around the world. Nancy has a gift for communicating with animals who are no longer alive. She has been able to learn from them why they passed on and then relay that information to their people. Nancy also helps people understand what their pets or other animals are trying to tell them through her reading service, Pet Psychic. Nancy’s mission is To inspire people to create a more peaceful relationship with all living beings through education, enlightenment and love.

What does she do?

Nancy Mello is renowned for her ability to communicate with animals and other non-human sentient beings. In fact, she has a rather large following of people (both human and animal) who are avid fans of her work. For instance, her social media includes over 50K followers on tiktok (nancy.mello), 21k followers on Instagram, and over 40k followers on Facebook. She hosts a free show every Friday night on her Instagram account ( that attracts viewers from India, The United Kingdom, and Peru, and North America. “

What makes her special?

Nancy’s specialty is working with pets and communicating with their higher selves. She can communicate with animals on multiple levels, including their emotions, physical conditions, and even guide animals who are ready to move onto the other side. Her goal is always to help her clients find peace of mind by connecting them with their pets and giving them answers to questions they never thought they would get a chance to ask. Animals have an incredible ability to heal themselves and overcome illness if we just let them. If you have ever lost a pet or had one diagnosed with cancer, you know how devastating it can be. Working with Nancy gives your pet an opportunity to tell you what they need so that you can give it to them while there is still time. Animals don’t want us worrying about them when they are sick or dying; instead, they want us spending time loving and caring for them

Tips for learning animal communication

If you are interested in learning more about animal communication, Nancy recommends seeking out a mentor who has a few years of experience. The best mentors aren’t just interested in themselves; they’re willing to look at other people and help them, too. It’s so important to have an open mind with animal communication. You need to be able to get into a state where you can hear what animals are saying without thinking that can’t be right! Or I don’t believe that! You also need to learn how not to judge what animals say. Just because your cat is telling you he doesn’t like your new haircut doesn’t mean he hates it—it means he likes it better long!

Her work with lost pets

Nancy has found one hundred and one pets since March 2020. What started as a call for help from a missing diabetic dog named Oliver on Long Island, has turned World-wide. Nancy has found pets in eight countries and three continents including one african grey parrot, one miniature donkey, one goat, one snake, and one hamster.”