AngularJS Development Framework- The Pros & Cons Explained In Detail!

AngularJS undoubtedly stands as the most credible software development tool that has such a convincing JavaScript feature set. Moreover, with around 30% to 35% of web developers choosing AngularJS over other instruments, it has the features that make it score better when it comes to front-end development.

Still, it has its own set of pros and cons that should be known before anyone makes a mind to choose this development tool.

AngularJS- The Pros

With features such as data binding, AngularJS has enough pros in its kitty, these include:

  1. MVC Architecture: With Model View Controller architecture, the framework does not get attached to any value when the web app’s client-side is created, which makes it possible to isolate the app from the user interface layer.
  2. Brilliant Design Architecture: As AngularJS simplifies the process of web app development, the architecture is easy to manage and upgrade too, which means any new developer joining the team at later stages would not face any trouble understanding the controls.
  3. Modules: In an AngularJS based app, there are multiple ways in which a module can be defined or in which the elements can be added. This adds to the scope of the functions defined for each module making the process much simpler.
    Apart from these, few other pros include dependency injection and services, custom directives, and typescript.

AngularJS Development Framework- The Cons

Like any other web development framework, AngularJS is not free from cons, and these too need to be known for those who wish to use this instrument to develop their app.

  1. Angular Is Complex: One of the most common cons coming from top web developers is that AngularJS is complex and verbose, and this is one such disadvantage that has been there for a long.
  2. SEO options stand limited: Another common con with AngularJS is that it has minimal SEO functions, and this makes it tough to be crawled by the search engines leading to poor visibility

For anyone new to JavaScript the learning curve for AngularJS stands steep as there is a lot to be known and learned. Also, it has been seen that most of the developers complain that there is a lack of documentation support, and they have to rely on web chats and threads to obtain answers to their queries.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Angularjs Development Services

There are many things to look for in the AngularJS Development Services that one plans to hire, this is one big reason that getting hands over the basics stands compulsive. Factors or traits based on which a great choice can be made at the end include:

Ensure that the development team you wish to hire has the technical skills to handle the project with complete precision. Going in for a meticulous team always acts as a credible factor to achieve one’s business goal.

Holding an interview session might act helpful as here every member of the team can be interviewed to learn about the skills and at the same time, the confidence level regarding the technicalities of JavaScript can also be monitored.

AngularJS is constantly evolving, thus the team that one hires should be able to upgrade its skills accordingly as with time, there will be a new version, and the client will ask for a successful succession.

The team that one hires should have a pretty good idea about data binding and model-view-view-model as this is the core architecture for AngularJS and helps attain robust outcomes.

Ask about the tools used as these need to be the latest such as WebStorm and AngularIDE, as then only the development process will yield desirable results.

With the demand for single-page apps or SPAs increasing, the AngularJS Development Service that one hires should know how to customize the themes on a single page.

Also, do not miss on the communication skills as without this, obtaining an effective business app will become tough.

The Final Conclusion

Weighing down both pros and cons attached to AngularJS the conclusion states that also this might look like a dynamic web development framework, but still, a lot needs to be worked upon. Yes, it is easy to maintain and flexible, but if the documentation support improves, the web developers will be able to use AngularJS confidently.

All in all, for a successful web-based app AngularJS, can indeed be a great framework if one manages to find a team that holds enough expertise to work on JavaScript and MVM architecture. So, all in all, AngularJS scores big as far as the ease of development, usage, and maintenance dynamics are concerned.

Albert S

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