Angular Vs React Vs Vue: Which One Should You Choose In 2021?

Whenever we think of JavaScript Framework, the very first names that pop up in our minds are Angular, React, and Vue. In today’s web development landscape, these three frameworks are at a prominent level, earlier developers were not having that many options to develop a website. But with the current advancements in technology, the JavaScripts Frameworks are not getting wider space in the web development arena. 

However, when it comes to selecting any one of these frameworks, it may be a difficult task for business owners and developers. If you are one of them, this blog is for you! 

We have shared the difference between these frameworks for you to better understand. Make sure you are reading them till the end! 

What is Angular? 

AngularJS is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework developed and introduced by Google and a group of people and developers to solve several complexities associated with the development of single-page applications. 

AngularJS is obviously not an isolated part of your web application, but it is responsible for processing all the DOM and AJAX code you have manually written in the past and putting it into a specific event queue. 

AngularJS is difficult for Muck applications (Making, Read, Update, Erase) to collect various data. Apart from this, it is the mechanism for dynamic web applications that allows the use of HTML as a formatting language and extends your HTML layout to the most likely Convey part of the application. The compelling data and reliable execution features of this programming language can prevent a large number of failures in the code during development. Check out react development company.

What Is React?

Respond JS is a JavaScript Framework which is helping in creating intelligent view layers of applications and programming. ReactJS works with reusable components that assist in keeping an astonishing design for the application. Whenever we talk about React JS, how can we forget about React Native? Let us tell you, React Native is again a JavaScript structure that is utilized in delivering versatile applications for Android and iOS platforms. With the assistance of this programming language, designers can compose and divide the code among various development stages.

What Is Vue? 

Vue is considered as a game-changer segment in the JavaScript Framework by manyIT professional services. According to many developers, Vue is a lightweight JavaScript framework that delivers high performance and is used in enhancing the web page interface. Indeed, it is a simple, intuitive, and front-end JavaScript framework. 

We hope you have understood the difference between Angular, React, and Vue. It’s high time to gather deep knowledge on the advantages and disadvantages for better comparison among them. 

Advantages Of Using Angular

AngularJS facilities round code excellent and higher testability and that encourages the back of why several designers are supporting this programming language over a few different systems. There is a huge rundown of a few widely recognized corporations that use AngularJS like Snapchat, Paypal, Netflix, Udemy, Amazon, and Gmail. 

  • Angular Is Easy To Understand and Learn
  • It Supports SPA Feature and Detailed Documentation.
  • Developers Can Use Angular Adjacent To TypeScript With Reliable Support.
  • The one-way data-binding feature allows singular behavior for app development which minimizes the risk of possible errors. 
  • Developers appreciate the MVC architecture along with the built-in module system.
  • Apart from this, Angular owns a large community of developers and ecosystem

Disadvantages Of Using Angular

  • Aspiring developers may find Angular difficult to learn and code. 
  • Angular offers criteria of dependency injection
  • Another, disadvantages of Angular is its limited SEO options and poor reach for search engine crawlers
  • Additionally, Angular owns lacking details in CLI documentation

When You Should Use Angular For Your Project?

  • When you want to develop Progressive Web App (PWA)
  • You can also use Angular in substantial enterprise application with challenging infrastructure
  • When you are looking forward to enhancing website application design
  • You can also improve the user experience by redesigning 

Advantages of Using React JS & ReactNative

ReactJS and React Native both hold significance in a developer’s coding life. But we shall be sharing the advantages of both of them so that you can differentiate with whom you should move ahead. There are so many popular websites that are built on React such as Tesla, CNN, NIKE, Airbnb, and so on

  • React JS and React Native are supported by the JavaScript family. You can’t proceed with React without JavaScript as it is adjustable and back-end agnostic.
  • React technologies come from open-source libraries. Developers, coders, and even new techies are constantly trying hard to support the framework by updating it on a regular basis. 
  • React technologies support third-party plugins. Thus, it makes  it more flexible and easy to process in the development journey. 
  • React Native is quicker to build within shorter development cycles.
  • Developers adore React Native when it comes to developing any application on mobile platforms, as React Native gives an amazing performance at its peak. 
  • It has also been observed that React Native offers simplified UI and is more responsive in nature. 

Disadvantages of Using React JS & ReactNative

  • React JS owns JSK syntax extension, many developers may find it difficult to learn
  • React technologies have inadequate documentation because of continuous change in the web development environment and enterprise software development teamsare trying to solve this issue as soon as they can. 
  • The fast-paced nature of React technologies may give rise to inconsistency in the developer’s coding cycle. It is because many programmers are doing their regular updates and they don’t appreciate the re-learning methods. 
  • React technologies have less security because of their open-source library. Developers strive hard to add security patches. If a single malicious snippet can cause a huge loss in the application based on React technologies. 

When To Use React?

  • If you are a beginner in React, then make sure to start the development process with the social media apps. 
  • You can also use React in productivity applications, weather apps, and so on. 
  • React handles complex structures easily with its declarative nature

Advantages Of Using Vue

  • Vue is easy to download and install because of its lightweight framework 
  • It offers easy access to the functionality and supports full customization 
  • Vue also owns a user-friendly interface because of its low entering threshold
  • Vue can also be integrated with other frameworks to manage projects as per the requirements.

Disadvantages Of Using Vue

  • Developers can’t use Vue for large projects because it owns a small community and less scalability
  • It offers fewer plugins options as compared to React and Angular 
  • Vue is new in the market and it needs time to grow

When To Use Vue?

  • If you are looking to launch your MVP
  • Developers who want to have seamless integration with numerous applications
  • Vue can be used to add interactive elements and animations.

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