Angelika Matev: Navigating Life’s Challenges with AstroPsychology

In a world filled with complexity and unpredictability, the desire to gain a greater understanding of our own lives and destinies frequently compels us to pursue unconventional paths. Angelika Matev, a well-known astrologer, serves as an inspiration for seekers of Self-knowledge, committed to inner growth and personal evolution.

Her journey as an astrologer is not only a demonstration of her dedication and expertise but also an account of personal transformation that enables her to guide others along their individual paths.

Angelika Matev’s introduction to astrology began at the age of 13, when she discovered a book about Sun Signs in her local library. She had no idea that this seemingly random encounter would spark her lifelong devotion and commitment to astrology. Her research into the topic gradually revealed the holiness and depth of this sacred system of knowledge.

Angelika has fostered this passion for over three decades, maturing from a novice to a seasoned astrologer. Her quest for knowledge led her to study the work of C.G. Jung, Dane Rudhyar, and Liz Greene, among others. During this journey, she decided to specialize in Psychological Astrology, recognizing its ability to disclose the most profound aspects of a person’s psyche.

Angelika’s academic accomplishments and credentials include a Master of Arts in Linguistics and certifications as a Psychological Astrologer and Virtual Coach. ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research) membership demonstrates her dedication to excellence in her discipline.

Angelia’s story includes many adventures and profound life changes, culture shocks, various places of residence, marriages, job and career transitions, & traveling around the world!

She has experienced different social & cultural realities living in Europe, Africa, USA, Canada and later moving to Spain, where she currently lives. She worked in the corporate world, international business, education, and coaching.

All this naturally led to the development of various cultural identities, knowledge, and rich professional & life experiences that helped Angelika learn and grow.

However, her journey was not without significant obstacles. A few years ago, while living abroad Angelika experienced her ‘black night of the soul.’ Within two weeks, she lost her husband, and her mother to cancer, plunging her into a world of agony and sorrow. Faced with such a heartbreaking loss, she stood as a 50-year-old widow in a foreign country, wracked by despair. However, her indomitable spirit and profound knowledge of her genuine self propelled her forward.

Angelika decided resolutely to rebuild her life rather than giving in to despair. Her journey of healing, self-discovery, and transformation was guided by a comprehensive psychological analysis of her own birth chart. From suffering to personal power, the Plutonian process exemplified her journey.

Angelika not only recovered due to her unwavering determination and the transformative power of her work, but she also found love again. She remarried at the age of 53, started a new life, and embarked on a new journey that has made her happier than ever.

Angelika’s desire to help and support others in their own journeys of self-discovery, healing, and development was sparked by her own life-altering experience. Her unique combination of astrological insights and psychological coaching equips individuals with the means to realize their fullest potential and live a happier, more fulfilled life.

Angelika Matev provides services that extend far beyond astrology. She is an educator, mentor, advisor, and coach. Her clients describe her as a powerful guide who can delve into their deepest hopes and fears and provide practical, targeted advice from a place of empathy and understanding. She brings astrology to life, making it more approachable and human than it would otherwise be.

Her program ‘Own Your Life & Purpose‘ is a 3-level breakthrough journey that incorporates counseling astrology, analytical psychology, and holistic growth coaching. This innovative program assists individuals in reconnecting with their true selves, discovering their purpose, and transforming their lives.

The story of Angelika demonstrates how astrology, psychology, and personal determination can be combined to effect profound change. She continues to be a visionary astrologer who encourages others to undertake their own journeys of self-discovery, healing, and transformation. In a world rife with unpredictability, she is a beacon of hope, guiding individuals to unlock their unique path to an authentic and fulfilled life.

Angelika Matev’s life story, passion for astrology, academic achievements, credentials, and profound personal transformation equip her with the knowledge, experience, and intuition to provide exceptional consulting and counseling services. She is a dedicated  astrolopsychologist & coach who empowers others to heal, remove inner barriers, and find their purpose, thereby enabling them to live the most fulfilled and joyful lives possible.

Angelika believse every person and every story is a precious gift from the Universe and comes with great potential for amazing discoveries, inner growth, and personal evolution.

Muhammad Qasim

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