Anelia Sutton – Fighting the good fight against the U.S Justice system

In the era of divisive narratives, chaotic society, and raging social issues, Anelia Sutton seems to be making her path and fighting the good fight. Yes, you heard it right! Anelia Sutton was just content with building her life with her family and finding a place in this world.

But when her daughter got tangled in court cases and met with lies, she took it upon herself to find relief and a solution. This time, she started doing her legal research to fight the corrupted system, make changes that impact the present, and improve the law system.

Despite other activists fighting and going on about the same things over the year, the system stays broken, and not much has changed in this area. Other activists just come on social media, on television, say those same things repeatedly, and the result is absolutely nothing. People still get victimized by the legal system. People should focus on the issues and not get distracted by other factors.

No reforms are there in this system. The justice system in the United States needs a drastic improvement, and Anelia Sutton aims to achieve this through her Buck Injustice Initiative.

Being an ordinary mother going on about her life, Anelia Sutton, like many others, was completely unaware of how bad our legal system is and how innocent lives get ruined forever who do not have the resources or are victims of the system.

The court case with her daughter opened her eyes to the cruel U.S. justice department, the rampant corruption that goes on, and how millions of lives are destroyed by just getting implicated in false cases. Young lives who deserve much more just get easily ruined as there is no faster justice.

Anelia Sutton is trying to achieve a positive change through her Buck Injustice Initiative. She is looking to have the entire Justice System audited. So this will make the system transparent to the public. All information will be in the public domain, and there will be less chance of corruption and red tape if cases are in the public domain.

It will be a massive change for the justice system and, for the innocent lives tangled in court cases, this will be a game changer. Anelia Sutton hopes to create awareness and open more people to the cruel face of the justice system in the United States. She is raising her voice, uniting people from all backgrounds and different constructs of life to come together and make our legal system better and improved.

She is different from other activists who tend to get away from the social causes they are fighting for and instead get caught up with trivial matters and chaos. Anelia Sutton hopes to bring the much-necessary auditing to the legal system and make it more public-friendly. We surely know how this will impact the present and future as well.

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