Andrew Parry Unveils the Latest Frontier in Blockchain Technology with BTC Mine Australia

While the talk of the finance world has been centered around cryptocurrency over the last few years, for those who are invested in the blockchain world, mining Bitcoin has been the latest trend that many entrepreneurs are eager to partake in. And though mining crypto has raised concern among environmentalists as the mines require copious amounts of power, one up-and-coming tech solutions company in Australia has created a solution to the power challenge that simultaneously generates, stores and releases energy that is used for mining Bitcoin as well as powering Australia. Recognized for their ground-breaking work in helping solve some of Australia’s grid issues, Andrew Parry’s BTC Mine Australia has made recent headlines for their innovative work, utilizing solar power, Bitcoin mines and “economic batteries.” 

But for blockchain enthusiasts, BTC Mine Australia offers another opportunity to invest in blockchain technology by way of their miner machines. With three variations that cater to different needs, the ASIC miners are re-flashed and immersed to provide maximum energy efficiency, performance and extended lifespan. With the option to select their Z-Home, the Z-Pro, or the Z-X Pro, you can choose to purchase a miner that can be easily plugged in at home or one that is hosted and maintained by BTC Mine Australia, but owned by you. Depending on the type of investment you’re looking for, Parry’s company breaks down the specification for each miner’s model, with pricing that ranges from $4990 USD to $13990 and earnings from $21.60 USD to $91.USD

While mining Bitcoin and providing a solution to some of Australia’s grid problems, BTC Mine Australia has thus created another opportunity for tech enthusiasts and perhaps those just looking for solid financial investments with the concept of their miners. Generating passive income, by way of solar power and Bitcoin mining, the machines can see a return on investment in just 160 days. With an innovative solution to an array of challenges, BTC Mine Australia is most proud to announce that they are targeting 2025 for their goal of zero emissions by way of renewable energy. To learn more about Andrew Parry and BTC Mine Australia, visit their website.