Analyzing Competitor ASINs on Amazon: Gaining Insights and Staying Competitive

Amazon Standard Identification Number is referred to as ASIN. Your goods must have this barcode visible. It is used by Amazon to keep track of inventories and determine whether the item is yours. In terms of eCommerce markets, Amazon’s reach and simplicity are unmatched. More than 350 million products are available on Amazon, making it the greatest spot to do a product information search. For many internet shops, Amazon has been an important sales channel. In this post we will see what is ASIN as well as other related details.

What is an ASIN number on Amazon

The 10-digit alphanumeric ASIN number is used by Amazon to identify products in a specific way. When you create a new Amazon product, this special number is given to each item. Almost all Amazon products, with the exception of books, have an ASIN. 

Instead of the ASIN, they employ the ISBN (International Standard Book Number). Before you may sell your goods on Amazon, you must have this Amazon ID. This code’s major objective was to streamline the tracking and management of all items in warehouses. By providing them with a distinctive search term, it also seeks to enhance user experience.

When should you use an existing ASIN instead of creating a new one

On the product page, there will only be one ASIN for each item sold on Amazon.  Customers can now recognize them more easily as a result of this. Any duplicate ASINs discovered by Amazon are combined.  I’ll now list a few situations where you should get a new ASIN or think about using an older one. 

Use an existing ASIN: Before you list a product for sale on Amazon, see whether it already has an ASIN. You can use the same ASIN to sell your goods if it already exists. By doing this, you collaborate with other vendors who sell the same item on the same product page. This category in Amazon Small and Light often includes retailers and resellers. 

If you search for an ASIN on Amazon and don’t find one, you must create one. In the Amazon product catalog, a new product must first be created. Once the product is created, Amazon will give it a special ASIN to let you start selling it. This is the route used by private label vendors, brand owners, and sellers with exclusive distribution rights. 

Why is Amazon ASIN significant to your company

Because it is used to maintain your inventory, as a reference for catalog data, and to index product catalog pages for searching and browsing, Amazon ASIN is significant to both you and Amazon. 

The foundation of the catalog is your Amazon ASIN number, which gives customers additional space to browse several product categories. Customers can also use the search box to find the precise product they’re looking for by typing the product description or ASIN. 

The ASIN of a product enables Amazon to show the precise product in the search results. As a result, it’s critical that you as a merchant add the proper ASIN identifier for your goods. Amazon won’t list your products in search results if you don’t. If you can’t find your product in Amazon’s catalog, make sure to match it with an existing ASIN or create a new one.

ASIN specifications for your product on Amazon

There are several limitations on adding an ASIN on Amazon.com

You cannot create a new ASIN to sell a product that is currently listed on Amazon. In seller central, you must match your goods to the current ASIN. The amount of new listings you can generate may be restricted by Amazon depending on the sales history, listing information, and other aspects. Additionally, Amazon advises that you give the item you are listing priority. This is to immediately boost your sales.

While adding an ASIN, Amazon sellers frequently deal with product variants or parent-child relationships. This enables customers to contrast and select products depending on features like size, color, etc. 

You will only have one parent ASIN and various child variants in such circumstances. Amazon’s guidelines for listing parent-child variances, however, are specific. To prevent vendors from abusing the variations, this is done. Find out more about this subject here.


Finding the ASIN is the first step in becoming an Amazon seller. Once your ASIN is published, you can hasten the selling process by keeping an eye on it or the ASIN of your rivals. Your selling path depends on your Amazon ASIN. You should be aware of how to obtain one and the significance of it for your Amazon business. You can sell on Amazon more effectively if you configure a correct identification for your goods.

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