An Ultimate Guide to Turn your Windows 10 into Windows 7 or XP!

If you are looking for a guide to convert your windows ten operating system on the lower version of windows, then you are in the right place because we can surely help you with the best guide for changing your operating system. It is a fact that changing windows is a tough procedure, especially if you are doing it for the first time and you need to take care of a few things before doing so. People usually keep looking for what are the cheapest tablets today, but this matter is more important to understand!

Now another question that comes in our mind is why do you need to convert windows 10 to windows 7. When windows 10 is the latest operating system working on windows, then why do we need to upgrade to the lower versions? Well, there are some facts that will persuade you to turn your pc to windows 7 again and we have seen many people do so because of some unsatisfactory features of the windows 10 operating system. So before moving to the guide we will like you to read the reasons first!

windows ten on your desktop system, An Ultimate Guide to Turn your Windows 10 into Windows 7 or XP!

Features of 7 that take over the freshness of 10!

Here are the top aspects that make people stick to the windows 7 or to change back to it or to Windows XP!

  1. The first most important thing is that the windows ten is said to be an interfering operating system which does not respect your system or data privacy. It is said that windows 10 spies on your data and your activities on pc and for this very reason people usually avoid the use of it on their personal computers. Windows 7 and XP on the other hand are more secure versions of Windows operating system.
  2. The windows 7 has better data compatibility and every third party application or software that you run on your computer will work better with the windows 7 rather working with windows ten. There are only a few applications that supported the interface of windows ten from the moment it was released. These important names include Microsoft Word, Photoshop and other mainstream apps.
  3. The windows 7 is the more familiar operating system is said to be more simple and understandable. The windows ten, on the other hand, is not too much familiar, and people usually avoid its use!
  4. There are some hardware restrictions of windows ten, and if you are not a person who wants to fulfil hardware requirements just for an operating system, then you must go for windows ten!
  5. The windows ten operating system asks you for updates that you don’t want to make. These are forced updates and can irritate you!

Now you can easily move to windows 7 by saving and backing up your data in a drive and then deleting the running operating system form the system settings. You can then easily install new windows with the help of the best possible medium you have. A compact disk or a USB whatever suits you!

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