An Overview of the Chinese Massage Therapy


Massage parlors are a typical type of business you’ll see all around China, especially in the big cities. You’ll most likely be amazed by the experiences you’ll have, as well as the amount of time and attention you’ll receive. There are various styles of Chinese massages to choose from. The most prevalent type, Tuina (lit. push-pull), is similar to Western massage; another is Zhi Ya (lit. finger pressure); and women, in particular, like a foot massage and pedicure. Here you will find information on having a massage as well as the history and philosophy of massage.

What is the Chinese Massage Therapy?

For thousands of years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has acknowledged the importance of massage treatment in improving health and wellness. Massage, along with acupuncture, herbal treatments, nutrition, and exercise, is regarded as one of the major therapy modalities for achieving and maintaining good health in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Massage is viewed as having a comprehensive effect on the client, encouraging physical as well as mental health and well-being in this tradition. To put it another way, hundreds of years of traditional Chinese medicine agree with mounting data from Western scientific studies: massage can be a strong tool for overall wellness. So, you should get the full-body or any other specific massage now and then.

Types of the Chinese Massage

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners can argue that in order to avoid stress and sickness, the body’s energy must flow continuously. To maintain this energy flow, they created a variety of bodywork therapies such as acupuncture, acupressure, and Chinese massage over time.

Traditional Chinese massage is divided into two types:

  • “Tui na”:
  • The most prevalent type of massage is tuina. Massage is referred to by this term. Acupressure, aromatherapy, getting rubbed with herbal oils, and a hair wash is all included. The majority of individuals, however, will feel a lot of rubbing, kneading, thumping, and some acupressure or “zhiya.” The main goal of these massages is to make you feel nice and pampered. Sessions could take up to two hours.
  • “Zhi Ya”
  • Zhi ya is a type of acupressure-based Chinese massage. It’s similar to tuina massage, but the emphasis is on pinching and pressing acupuncture sites. People with medical conditions may want to consider this as an alternative medical treatment. It is a traditional Chinese medicine practice. See why this type of massage could be able to help you heal or feel better.

Although the techniques used by the two differ, both are reported to assist a person to regain strength and vigor following a 30-minute or longer session. Despite its origins in China, Chinese massage is now practiced throughout the world, including in the United States.

Benefits of the Chinese Massage Therapy

A Chinese massage can provide several advantages. This sort of massage therapy may aid in the relief of aching or wounded muscles. Some people feel that this type of massage technique can help enhance blood flow to damaged areas, therefore it can help with healing and alleviation by ridding muscles of lactic acid buildup. Furthermore, Chinese massage may assist the client feel less tense and worried by promoting a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. This could be beneficial in both bodily and psychological ways.

Chinese massage attempts to promote physical and mental healing. This sort of massage therapy can help break down scar tissue, increase range of motion, and alleviate pain by removing layers of emotional tension. Other possible advantages of this form of massage therapy include:

  • Strength and energy have been restored.
  • Lower back discomfort and sciatica are lessened.
  • Improved cardiovascular circulation
  • Hypertension has been reduced (blood pressure)
  • Open shoulders
  • Symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis were alleviated.
  • Immune system boost
  • More restful sleep

Is Chinese Massage More Intense Than Western Massage Therapies?

Chinese massage, like other Western massage modalities like trigger point treatment, deep tissue, and sports massage, has a reputation among Westerners for being intense rather than relaxing.

This analogy makes sense. Because massage is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine, the purpose is to treat and prevent physical and emotional problems, not to provide a luxury service or a sense of well-being to the customer pampered while the massage is being performed.

Bottom Line

The above is a rundown of some of the most prevalent Chinese massage techniques, types, and benefits. Depending on the client’s needs and the practitioner’s massage plan, the specific force, frequency, moving direction, and length will vary.

You can make an appointment and get a Chinese massage therapy in Aldershot. We recommend you to receive the massage from reputable massage parlors only. The reputable and honorable massage parlors only hire professional masseurs who are trained and certified.