An Overview of Funeral Traditions in Hawaii

Funeral Traditions in Hawaii

Speaking about the funeral, it is a way of saying a final goodbye, that lets the family members and friends of the deceased express how they feel about losing the loved one. If you are planning to arrange the funeral, then you should have a piece of knowledge about the funeral traditions in Hawaii. It may be noted that the Hawaiian funeral programs cost is very low.

The Hawaiian funeral service structure

In Hawaii, the family plays a major role. They prepared the deceased to carry out the burial process, before the arrival of friends, acquaintances, and neighbours.

Wash the deceased bod

People use salt water to wash the body, and they call it “Water of Forgiveness”. The saltwater acts as a preservative and help in keeping the body for around two to three days more.

Special dress

The deceased’s family member craft backcloth to cover the bod. They wrap it around the shoulders and place the body on logs. Tying that cloth is considered as an honour reserved for the daughter or son of the deceased.

Family fest

In Hawaiian tradition, there may be feast after the preparation. All the mourners attend the feast before as well as after the burial.

Funeral program

In the end, a funeral program is held. For this, you may need to send invitations to the close person. If you don’t have much time, you can go for funeral printing online to prepare and send the cards to the person you want. These are pre-made cards and all you need to just write the message, and that’s it. Prayer to the ancestors and God is common in Hawaiian cultures.

These are a few funeral traditions that Hawaiians observe. However, to make it memorable, don’t forget to prepare a good funeral card. Check out the funeral program booklet available at Funeral Printings and choose a good one.