An Introduction to Progressive Lighting Scheme

Having the right lighting scheme at your home is quite important when you are renovating. It is the finishing touch that your home needs. If you do it the right way, your home would literally light up and if you fail to get it right, your home would miss something, even if you do everything right. You would to talk to your home remodeling contractors in Los Angeles and choose the right lighting scheme that would work for your home.

Most of the professional Los Angeles remodeling contractors often work with a number of innovative and advanced lighting schemes. One of the most exciting new lighting schemes that you can try out is progressive lighting. So, what is this progressive building and why are people getting so excited about it? Let’s see.

The concept behind progressive lighting is simple. All your home’s light fixtures would work as a single system and that system can be programmed into a variety of zones. Each zone would be dedicated to particular task or mood. The system can be controlled by wall switches, a master wall panel, or even a smartphone app.

Apart “Cooking” and “Romantic” zones, you might have settings for:

  • Outdoor Entertaining – for patio and walkway lights.
  • Coming Home – The lights in the porch, entry hall and the kitchen lights would be triggered by a timer or your smart phone
  • Night-Time – The lights in kids’ rooms would slowly fade out as they fall asleep.
  • Panic Mode – all lights in the house would flash on and off.

You would need to talk with your general contractors in Los Angeles to know more about how you can incorporate progressive lighting in your home.

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