An Introduction To Feminized Seeds – What You Should Know

If you are aspiring to be a cannabis grower then feminized seeds are your portion. They are predominantly the type of seeds that most growers are involved with since they are excellent at producing a higher yield. Usually, it is the female plants that produce flowers or buds that can be used. The utility of the male plants is low. Therefore, growers can choose to plant only female plants instead of planting regular seeds that will yield both male and female plants. The idea there is that planting feminized seeds also reduces the labor costs of having to remove male plants after they are grown, lest they pollinate and contaminate your quality breed of female plants.

In this article, we will highlight some of the basic information about feminized seeds and provide you with some of the crucial tips about these seeds that every grower should know.

What are feminized seeds

Feminized seeds are essential female seeds. They are the type of seeds that when grown will yield only female plants most of the time. The certainty of growing only female plants from feminized seeds is not 100 per cent because there is usually a chance that male plants may spring forth from some feminized seeds. For this reason, it is always necessary to monitor the growth of your seeds and eliminate any male species lest your farm is contaminated when the male species produce pollen.

In the natural setting, it is expected that the male plants will produce pollen. But when we talk about feminized seeds, the male plants are eliminated. Growers then utilize certain methods that will prompt the female plants to produce their own pollen in the absence of the male species. When this happens, the seeds that result from such pollen have only female chromosome and that’s why we say the seed has been feminized.

What other seed options are available?

There are two other seed options to choose from when you buy roadkill seeds Canada or BC tuna seeds Canada – or nay other seed for that matter. The seed options are the regular seeds and the autoflowering seeds. The regular seeds are the usual unadulterated seeds. When you grow regular seeds, you have a 50 per cent chance of yielding either a female plant or a male plant. These seeds are the most ideal when you want to make your own hybrid because you will need both the male and female plants to make a hybrid.

Autoflowers are a group of seeds that have been genetically engineered such that they just flower automatically. Usually, the cannabis plant goes through a light stage where light changes stimulate the plants to flower. Autoflowers are able to skip this light stage and can flower without this stimulation. As a result, they are quite easy to grow, especially for beginners who still don’t know much about the various growing techniques of cannabis.

Which seeds should you buy?

Here are some of the seeds that you should consider buying.

Purple death bubba feminized seeds

When you buy purple death bubba feminized seed, you get an extremely potent cannabis buds. The plant is indica dominant and results when you cross death bubba and purple kush – the two most common and popular indica strains. You can buy purple death bubba for its health benefits such as the relief of chronic pain and the stimulation of appetite.

Roadkill seeds Canada

You can buy roadkill Canada either online or from your favorite local store. The roadkill seeds yield strains of plans that are quite versatile due to the fact that they require minimal trimming of their branches. However, it has quite a strong and pungent aroma hence odor control is necessary.

BC tuna seeds Canada

BC tuna seeds Canada are feminized seeds that reportedly originated from Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. It is a cross from Herojuana which has intense numbing effects to the body, and Lamb’s bread which is equally a good strain. However, it should be noted that the plant yields from the BC tuna seeds Canada pack a lot of THC that may be too much for new users.


The above mention details are some of the crucial things that you should know about feminized seeds before making a purchase.


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