An Inspiring Journey of Musical Artist Killa Vuitton

Musical artist Killa Vuitton from Haiti has recorded more than 100 songs in his personal studio in his million-dollar home in America since he set foot on American land. He had to go through a bit of a tough time in the start when he was jailed for 4 years. It could have gone worse due to the nature of the case but the man fought well and was acquitted of all charges as soon as possible.

Vuitton did not just sit in jail waiting for his time to be back home and make music. He kept on practicing his music and language to become a better rapper. He worked on his English so as to rap fluently. When he was out of jail he got down to working relentlessly. Today he can’t wait to release his work and make the audience fall in love with his music.

Killa Vuitton is sure people will enjoy his music like the late rappers Nipsey Hussle and Pop Smoke did. Fate had plans. But he still remembers his time with the artists like it was yesterday when Nipsey met him in Flatbush or his first meeting with the humble Pop Smoke. They heard his music during a recording break and were overjoyed.

The same night Pop Smoke recorded a track with Vuitton. Vuitton cannot forget the humbling experience ever. He is inspired by Hussle’s journey as an artist. How Hussle independently released his first mixtape and eventually was signed by the Cinematic Music Group and Epic Records.

Vuiton has had the honor of being in the studio with Nipsey Hussle on many occasions. He has forged lasting relationships with Bobby Shmurda, Rowdy Rebel, Meek Mill, MiG Arogan, Kodak Black. Each of them has inspired him in his journey. He appreciates each of these artists and the experiences he has shared with them. Now he is looking forward to his time.