An Insight Into the Different Types of Electricians

Do you know about the different categories of electricians available in the market? Well, you will come across residential, commercial, and industrial electricians. When we hear about an electrician, we generalize them into one category, as those people who repair electrical appliances or faulty wires. However, you will notice some similarities between the categories but many differences in the setup. 

Experienced and highly skilled technicians from can excel in the individual domain of residential, commercial, or industry.Electricians are subjected to strict licensing requirements as electrical work is tricky and complicated, it requires a lot of talent and quick thinking to install, maintain, and repair electrical gadgets or naked wires. Each electrician gets a license based on their comprehensive knowledge and expertise. The following section will enlighten you about the three broad categories of an electrician. 

Do not confuse yourself as the three types of electricians have a distinct role and area of function. The basic training is the same, but they have different specializations. It is essential to draw a clear picture in your mind that all electricians are not experts in the universal domain.  

The fact is all electricians have the necessary knowledge and training to handle any electrical project. They need a license from the state, to begin with, their profession. 

Essential Facts About 3 Categories Of Electricians

Residential Electrician:  

Residential electricians work in homes or apartments. They use single-phase power supplies of 120 or 240 volts. They usually deal with common electrical repairs, wiring newly constructed homes, installing lighting and fixtures, and general home electrical requirements. Unlike commercial electricians, these require heavy and protective insulation like highly heat-resistant (TTHT) nylon coating. Residential electricians, on the contrary, only do minor electrical repairs that need concealing the wires from the public eye. Their main concern is the safety of the homeowner.

Commercial Electrician: 

Commercial electricians are mostly hired in public spaces like commercial buildings, business offices, retail stores, and restaurants. Their jobs include the actual or typical work of an electrician. Along with that, they also need to repair and maintain the wiring breaker panels, transformers, generators, lighting, heating, and general building requirements. Commercial electricians have their own set of types of equipment that are specially required to conduct electrical jobs in new construction or to install lighting, receptacles, transformers, and some power distribution. They deal with a higher voltage to protect your office or stores from short circuit or fire. An industrial-sized generator as backup systems is a must for commercial wiring that needs to be ensured by the electrician.

Industrial Electrician: 

As the name suggests, an industrial electrician primarily functions in plants and production facilities with tricky, sensitive, and expensive machinery and electrical systems. They are part of projects of more significant magnitudes or scales. They play a pivotal role in installing the electrical system; repair the troubleshooting controls in an industrial setup.  These electricians work in megastructures like the pharmaceutical, food processing, chemical, mining, and automotive industries. These electricians have years of experience and expertise to handle major electrical projects. These certified technicians also have their own electrical contracting business. 

Electricians require state-approved certification with their specialized designation on top of the license to start their own business. Being an electrician is no mean feat; it requires an eye for precision, agility, incisiveness, and focus. The professional needs to display professionalism and proficiency in electrical systems and ensure maximum safety to the homeowner. A considerable understanding of the various electrical works and an eagerness to maintain and fix machines is the basic need of this job. So, it is vital to choose the ideal electrician carefully to suit your interest and budget.


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