An Indian Investor And Tedx Speaker Mukul Agrawal, Outlines The Golden Rules Of Investment

“The impact of investing can be a powerful instrument of change.”

TEDx Speaker Mukul Agrawal is a well-known Indian investor and trader. His 18 years of stock market and trading expertise best characterizes him as a “stock market maestro.” Founder of ‘Agrawal Corporate’ and finance coach Mukul Agrawal is an experienced and certified stock tutor with expertise in technical analysis. He has taught over 10,000 trainees in the previous 18 years. After seeing the possibilities of the virtual platform, he launched his YouTube channel, which has over 5 lakhs followers. 

He has also been teaching people how to trade stocks online so that they may eliminate their losses and maximize their earnings. Trading and investing, according to Mukul Agrawal, should be part of a student’s scholastic curriculum. So, with the proper information, they may engage in investment activities and focus on their second earning, which is the most essential element of one’s life. Investing has become a requirement for everyone in today’s world. But what are the greatest alternatives or methods for investing your money? For the middle class, it is always about opening a savings account, FDs, RDs, or other traditional methods that provide a limited rate of return. To be honest, how many millionaires do we know have become wealthy by investing in saving accounts? That’s right, ‘no one.’ So why not look for other ideas such as the stock market for investment which serves with better returns in the future?

The stock market is one of the most important sources of revenue for people and organizations looking to manage or develop their businesses. In comparison to other investment possibilities, although investing in the stock market might be hazardous, it can provide you with greater returns if you have adequate information and understanding of the market. Stock market investments 

generate significant returns, provide individuals with the opportunity to participate in the development of the economy, provide long-term and flexible investment options, have low legal obligations, and provide a flexible trading opportunity. But as every coin has two sides, similarly, it too has some disadvantages. Despite this, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. It is always advisable to learn before you earn because “Seekhega India to Kamayega India.”

Mukul Agrawal got his start in the stock market decades ago and hasn’t left since. He realized his true passion and purpose in life and immersed himself in stock and trading expertise. Being an expert in this field, he is training people all around the country and globe so they can acquire the correct knowledge of the top investment rules to get better results. Some golden rules of investing in the stock market are: 1) Avoid the herd mentality; don’t allow others to influence your investing decisions, since this strategy might backfire in the long term. 2) Take informed decisions; invest time in research before investing so as to minimize the losses. 3) Invest in a business you understand; before investing, gain proper knowledge about the business where you are going to invest. 4) Follow a disciplined investment approach; put in money systematically, in the right shares, and hold on to your investments patiently to witness outstanding returns. 5) Monitor rigorously; you need to constantly monitor your portfolio and keep affecting the desired changes in it. Following these guidelines before investing will almost certainly ensure higher profits with lower losses in the future.

‘Invest like a bull, sit like a bear, and watch like an eagle.’