An Honest Review of a Outstanding Web Hosting Provider: HostCano Web Hosting Review

HostCano was founded a few years ago as a web hosting company and has since grown to become one of the prominent names in available web hosting companies. 

Their services are offered at an incredibly low price. If you’re developing a website and require web hosting to start things off, or if you’re looking to improve the quality of your hosting provider, HostCano is a great choice to spend bucks out of your wallet.

The choice of a web hosting service isn’t always as simple as it appears; however, it is vital for getting the most out of your site. To help you, we’ve completed the work for you and created a comprehensive review of HostCano to assist you in making your choice.

A reliable cheap web hosting service is essential to a successful website, and we’re here to assist in making the best choice. 

Therefore, we conducted some research to see if HostCano is as reliable as many claim it to be. We analyzed, researched, and evaluated a wide range of web hosting providers and then reduced our selection.

What did we discover? 

We discovered HostCano to be a great service. HostCano is so excellent that we decided to award HostCano the top spot on our top web hosting companies list.


What is the reason HostCano is the top choice among our top choices? Because it is the most reliable service to the majority of people. 

That’s right, and it is a good choice for all kinds of individuals who want to create websites. In addition, it’s also the most affordable choice. HostCano plans start at just ₹ 49 per month. This is practically unheard of and something you may consider taking advantage of.

We love the most about HostCano’s cost because it doesn’t mean that the service is affordable. HostCano is a great competitor to others on our list, whose costs are more expensive.

Although HostCano is our preferred web hosting provider, it is only one of the many hosting options that could be the perfect fit for your particular requirements. Whether you’re running a small or large enterprise, have a strict budget, or have a genuine desire to speed up your business, there’s something that we recommend to suit your needs. Explore all our top picks here and read and choose the best choice for you.

If HostCano seems like an option, check out our detailed review of this web-based hosting service.

HostCano: The Honest Review

Like every product available in the market, advantages and disadvantages are selecting HostCano for your site’s web hosting service. 

We want to highlight a few key aspects that favor HostCano as well as a few potential downsides and give you the complete picture of whether they’re the right choice for you.

Speedy Load Time 

It’s not difficult to see that the speed at which your site loads your website is crucial. If a user visits your website and is forced to wait for it to load, they’ll not stay around for long. Indeed, many users aren’t prepared to wait more than a few seconds to have a website load.

HostCano offers fast hosting speeds. We’re not basing our opinions on what they tell all their customers on their website page, and we’ve checked their speed on hosted on shared servers, VPS hosting, and WordPress hosting.

Each of them averaged under 3 second loading times for HostCano’s VPS and WordPress hosting. 

That’s incredibly fast and much better than any other hosting provider we’ve tested in those areas.

HostCano has servers that are not only within the United States but also in Asia and the UK, which makes load times as quick, regardless of where you or your guests are.

Data Center Locations-min.png

Amazingly Affordable 

The best part is that you experience blazingly fast website speeds with HostCano HostCano plans; the plans are available at some of the most competitive prices in the market.

Shared hosting begins as low at ₹ 49 each month to support one site and business plans that allow several sites or allocate additional resources beginning from ₹165 monthly. 

Shared Hosting price-min.png

On the flip side, VPS hosting will cost a bit more money, with prices starting from ₹ 2000.

With that thought in mind, the positives to follow will make you feel more comfortable regarding committing to HostCano, in addition to the benefit you’ll receive.

VPS hosting-min.png

Cash-Back Refund Guarantee 

Not satisfied with your HostCano purchase? It’s no problem. You’ve got 15 days to test it out and claim your money back if the encounter isn’t as satisfying as you expected. But, make certain to keep in mind that the fees for redemption, renewal of domain names, and privacy security are the only items that aren’t included in the money-back guarantee of 15 days to keep at the back of your mind.

If not, the host, the domain transfer, and the SSL certificate are all refundable within 15 days of purchase.

Money Back Guarantee HostCano-min.png

Easy to begin, another thing we’ve liked about HostCano during our testing of their hosting services is the ease of use for users to start. With its clean and simple interface, easy setup, and dashboard that doesn’t demand that novices take a course to learn how to use HostCano, HostCano is beginner-friendly without using a lot of powerful tools or high-quality servers.

It’s also possible to build websites after signing up with HostCano and establishing HostCano’s hosting plans.

HostCano Pricing and Options and Options                           

The most basic plan offered by HostCano is part of shared web hosting services.

It means your website is on a shared server with other websites. It is ideal for people who do not have the funds for costly web hosting because the cost of hosting is shared among several other websites. The downside with this is that speed can be affected because there are a lot of users on that server.

If you’re starting with an online presence, the Single plan offers you everything you need to get started.

Over to you

Overall, we strongly recommend this service for hosting to get your site up and running and expand it up as you go. HostCano is perfect for those just beginning and experienced in creating websites and provides substantial support and guidance during the process.

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