An Employer’s Guide to Finding Talent That Drives Sales

Does your sales-per-employee average leave something to be desired?

Top talent is instrumental to small business success, but where is it hiding?

Before the internet, you would attract job candidates with newspaper ads, store signs, and agencies. Job hunters would use employment agencies to connect candidates with jobs, while employers relied on traditional recruiters to discover great talent.

Times have changed, and finding talent has never been easier with the following tools.

Creative Applications

Remember dreading those long, cumbersome applications when you were hunting for jobs? Why would today’s job hunters be any different?

Outdated application forms aren’t just a drag; they don’t adequately measure a job candidate’s skills, experience, and personality.

Besides references, many things determine readiness, like pre employment personality tests, test samples, video interviews, multiple-choice tests, and work portfolios.

Young startups are blazing the path toward new application models. Many have replaced traditional applications with gamification applications. These applications walk job candidates through each step of the process, using interactive elements.

Many digital applications include videos introducing the company’s culture, job roles, and mission statement. These videos are effective in employer branding campaigns, as well.

You could use videos to congratulate new job recruits, too.

Be Clever

Experience is great, but you also want employees who genuinely love their profession.

For example, if you’re looking for a new web developer, embed a job ad in your company’s site’s HTML code! Top software companies, like Automattic, do this to find coders, developers, and engineers.

Are you treating your job interview questions like an afterthought?

Instead of basic questions, test your applicants’ creative problem-solving skills. Ask them about specific projects or customer situations that display exceptional decision-making.

Employer Branding Campaigns

Money isn’t the only motivator for job hunters. They want to be a part of something bigger. That’s why employer marketing is so vital.

Employer branding showcases your cool office building, complete with comfy breakrooms, on-site refreshments, sleek cubicle design, and vibrant company culture.

Your company’s vibe can make all the difference for talented yet undecided career seekers.

Linkedin is perfect for employer marketing campaigns, but don’t sleep on Instagram. Starbucks, Salesforce, and Google are great at employer Instagram marketing. Linkedin recently adopted Instagram’s popular stories features, proving the cross-marketing potential of both platforms.

Finding Talent with a Recruiting Agency

With so many job seekers applying, great candidates quickly get lost in the shuffle. One way to avoid this problem is to use a recruitment agency.

Recruitment agencies aren’t new, but today’s recruiters leverage data and digital tools to find great talent matches. Data-driven matching improves sales-per-employee ratios and cuts down on turnover.

Recruitment companies use headhunters to find talent on Linkedin, but they also handle the entire application process.

For long-term results, look into performance services that craft assessments and adaptability quotient tests to measure and improve performance.

Great Talent Yields Results

Are you still paying the high costs of employee turnover? Start finding talent that delivers results and long-term dedication.

Incorporate these tips into your next hiring strategy, and follow our blog for the latest business tips and more.