An Effective Treatment For Anxiety, Stress and Trauma

The Havening Techniques are another component in the treatment of trauma, anxiety and stress. The Havening techniques are new strategies, and exploration in the field has recently started. Even though our customers offer energetic expressions, the effect is only presently being recorded in clinical examination worldwide. Until these exploration examinations are finished, Havening can’t be considered as genuine treatment.  It can only contribute to the treatment. Your havening therapist will tell you more about this special treatment.


What Are The Havening Techniques?


The sensation of “a safe haven”, which occurs after the experience of Havening sessions, has given the Havening techniques® their name.

The Havening procedure is a psycho-sensory strategy imagined in 2013 by the NY doctor, Dr Ronald Ruden, MD, PhD. With “The Havening Touch”, hands are stroked over the face, arms and hands, a touch suggestive of a mother’s touch on her child, making an extremely loosened upstate where moderate delta waves are created in the brain. The condition empowers the handling of anxiety and marvellously opens up for a recoding (depotentiation) of a traumatic occasion in our primordial brain, the amygdala. Why it works is presently thought to have a neuroscientific explanation.

The sensation of “a safe haven”, which occurs after the experience of Havening sessions, has given the Havening techniques their name.

Havening techniques for various purposes

There are various techniques with various therapeutic applications in Havening:


  • For trauma, PTSD and phobias
  • For anxiety and stress
  • For self-help
  • For trauma, anxiety and stress, guided one-on-one sessions are constantly suggested, which can happen online.

During these sessions, you are prepared in Self-Havening, which can likewise be utilized at home without the therapist on the occasion of inward discomfort. Self-Havening should likewise be possible more efficiently as homework utilizing our arrangement of self-help videos, which you gain admittance to as a customer.


Havening Techniques


This is the way a session with Havening techniques happens.

Your confirmed havening therapist doesn’t have to realize your trauma’s content, and similarly, as with Havening, you need to feel. There is no conversation during the sessions. To begin with, you pick whether you or the therapist should get yourself “the Havening touch”. For online sessions, you do it without anyone’s help. It, as well, has a charming impact.

The delicate, constant touch places you in an exceptionally loose and somewhat tired state, that makes you lie in REM rest, not long before you fall into a deep rest.

During the continued touch, you are approached to review the trauma to “feel it” and give it a score of 1-10 on an abstract discomfort scale. SUD 10 is the worst inclination possible. Soon after the review, you are deliberately hindered with a progression of concentration-demanding activities that confuse your brain. We measure your discomfort along the way while you contemplate the trauma.

Progressively, the emotional response to the trauma (fight, flight, freeze) changes—the brain’s biological and biochemical “mirror” changes. After a fruitful session, the trauma can be reviewed from memory without the sensation of discomfort (fight, flight, freeze). We put forth a valiant effort to continue going until the sensation of trauma is gone, with a SUD 0-1.

Havening techniques near me normally work more than 3-10 sessions, contingent upon the number and nature of the traumas and one’s overall flexibility and stress level.




The havening techniques have been proven and testified about positively by some many users. The world is currently filled with several scenarios that can quickly get people stressed. Experience trauma and locked down in anxiety. Getting a natural solution like the havening technique is simply the best.