An Easy Guide to Bikini Styles in 2021

If you plan on heading to the beach this summer or you’re having a pool party with friends, you’ll want to look your best. You’re likely excited to attend social events again, which means you’ll want to choose the perfect bikini for your summer event. This year, there are several stylish bikini styles to choose from so you can find a stylish swimsuit that fits your sense of style and makes you feel confident. Here are a few selections you may find appealing.

Ringlet Bikinis

These bikinis are an ode to 70s style and feature gold ringlets on the hip area of the bikini bottom and on the straps or middle of the bikini top. You can find these bikinis in solid colors or in psychedelic patterns that make this retro-style swimsuit even more fun to wear. If you have an outgoing personality and want to wear a bikini you know will stand out at the beach, this is the swimsuit for you.

High-Rise Bikinis

High-rise bikinis are a nod to the styles of decades past and can make you appear slimmer while bringing more attention to the top of your body. You can find these bikinis in a variety of colors, whether you prefer a collection of nude shades or a color-block bikini with bright hues. These bikinis are available with conservative tops, tops that accentuate your bust, or in fun one-piece cut-out styles If you’re adventurous when it comes to fashion and you want to bring that daring sense of style to your next pool party, a high-rise bikini may be the ideal swimsuit for you.

Flirty Floral Bikinis

Whether you prefer a g-string or want a bikini with a little more coverage, floral print is in this season. Small floral patterns are on trend and add a pretty, flirty touch to your bikini. You can select from bikinis that show off as much of your figure as you want by choosing swimsuits with small skirts or shorts instead of the traditional bikini bottom. If your friends describe you as having a bubbly or friendly personality, these floral bikinis with neon or pastel color schemes will likely appeal to your swimsuit style.

Belted Bikinis

Bikinis that come with a belt are sophisticated and eye-catching. If you enjoy polished clothing and prefer coordinated sets, you can incorporate that same sense of style into your bikini. Whether you choose a black and white belted bikini for a visual contrast that makes the belt stand out or you prefer a belted bikini in a solid vivid color, this swimsuit is sure to turn heads this summer.

Mod Graphic Bikinis

If you’ve always loved 60s style, these graphic bikinis are a mod-inspired fashion statement that will make you the life of the party as you enjoy the summer weather with your loved ones. The patterns are often a combination of neon and earth tones, and you can find many mod-style bikinis with matching headbands to make your fashionable beach look complete.

Shimmer Bikinis

Bikinis in rainbow colors with a hint of shimmer are trendy this summer. This swimsuit is ideal if you love clothing that is whimsical and one-of-a-kind. You can find these bikinis with off-the-shoulder tops, tube tops, or traditional bikini styles. You’ll notice the beautiful sparkle every time you get out of the pool or emerge from the waves at the beach.

Lime Green Bikinis

Lime green is the color of the summer this year, and if you don’t mind being the center of attention at your beach party, a bikini in this color is perfect for you. This vivid-hued bikini is available in g-string style, or you can opt for a crop top with high-cut bikini bottoms. No matter which style you choose, the lime green color is sure to stand out.

These are just a few of the ways you can be one of the most fashionable people at your next beach-inspired get-together. Trying out a few bikini styles will help you decide which one works best for you, whether you are into the classics like a malibu bikini or want to do something more modern, you’re sure to find the right style for you.