An Article About Services Offered In Buddhist Funeral Ceremonies With Buddhist Funeral Packages

As Lao said, “Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides.” Thus leaving the world is a bitter truth of life that cannot be denied, so going from this world is inevitable. Many religions have existed in this world. They have their ways of performing funeral rituals like Muslims have their way of burying the deceased, Christians have their way of achieving the funeral process, and Hindus have theirs by burning the dead.

Now Let Us Look At The Buddhist Religion And The Rituals Performed In Their Funeral

Before going through how Buddhists perform their funeral rituals, let’s know about their religion and beliefs. This religion has its origins 2500 years ago when Siddharta Gautama became a Buddha. The primary view of its followers is that people suffer because of being unsatisfied in their lives. This unsatisfied attitude arises from wishes and desires, as you know that no one is satisfied with what they have. They are in hope, the desire of getting more. Thus this is also a reason for being discontented in life.

Furthermore, hatred and jealousy also contributes to dissatisfaction. Thus, patience, wisdom, and kindness are essential to living a peaceful and relaxed life. These teachings of Buddhism are called Dharma.

What Are Buddhists’ Beliefs Regarding Death?

Death is inevitable, as mentioned earlier, but you would be astounded to know about Buddhists’ beliefs about death. According to them, they believe in the concept of samara, the rebirth. The person will take rebirth according to the acts he performed in his life.

Now Lets Us Know About Taoism’ Religion And Their Funeral Rituals

Taoists is a Chinese religion and philosophy which marks its existence from 500 BCE and is attributed to Lao Tzu. The followers of this religion believe that they have to live in harmony with nature. Remaining close to nature means adapting to the changes without any resistance. It rests on the belief that Yin and Yang are two forces. Force Yang is known as an opposing force, and Yin is known as a positive force. It is essential to maintain harmony between these two forces.

Taoist Beliefs Regarding Death

Buddhists believe in reincarnation; Muslims believe in life after death; in contrast, Taoists have a different belief. They do not think so in rebirth or life after death. According to the followers of Taoists, life is significant and is not much concerned with life after death. Thus when a person dies, they perform prayers for them, and they believe that this act or spirit will protect the deceased person’s body.

Let’s Have A Glimpse At The Services Of The Funeral.

Arranging the burial of your close relative or blood relative is not an easy task. It is excruciating as all family members are in a state of shock and sadness. In this situation, it will be a good decision to contact the services provider of funerals. They add ease and relaxation regarding the arrangements of the deceased person. Due to the excellent services, the last journey of the departed person would get the farewell according to the family members’ desire.

By admitting the importance of funeral services. Let’s look at the companies that provide services in Singapore. The Singapore funeral services offer their best arrangements by trying to take out the stress of the sad family. Apart from this, they are available all the time and all week. Thus they aim to provide the grievers with their best services

Brothers are a very well-known company in Singapore. The grounds on which they earn popularity as they help out for the customers’ benefits. They are quick in service and available at odd times, even on holiday. Another reason is the support towards grieved members is noticeable. They are trying to aid them as much as possible.

Next on the list is Nirvana memorial garden services. The task of preservation, sanitation, and presentation of the dead body of women done by lady embalmers are perfect in their work.

Apart from these funeral services, companies like Singapore funeral group, casket fair price, Singapore casket and other funeral services companies provide their services to arrange funerals of all religions.

What Are The Funeral Packages Offered?

Each funeral service offers packages for organizing the funeral ceremony for the deceased ones. Some offer customized packages, some have their standard packages, but most companies do not hide their charges, which is a plus point.

Let Us Look At The Offers Given By The Funeral Services Singapore Buddhist Funeral Packages

Funeral services are incredibly proud of their services in Buddhist funeral packages. First, let us see the price of their Buddhist funeral package. If anyone wants their services for three days, it is $4800. And if need a standard package for three days, it will cost $5300. The package includes all the essential and required things in the funeral ceremony. Along with this package, Singapore Funeral services also provides a standard Buddhist funeral package . The cost of this package will be $6300 for the traditional ceremony of five days.

Let’s see what anyone can avail in this package. Funeral Services provides professional embalming for cremation or burial, and the team bathing and makeup the dead person. They also offer wooden caskets. It is half wood and half glass and is available in three colors.

As per all these packages, transporting the dead body from home to the holy place. Is the company’s responsibility. So do not worry about arranging the transportation for this. Along with an air-conditioned bus to take the people to the ceremony spot.

Now you must be wondering whether the deceased family has to buy the items needed in the prayers. No, is the answer. All the things for the prayers are included in the package and provided by the Funeral Services. The prayer items include sandalwood, A Lotus blanket, pearl set, joss sticks, and many other things.

Monks will also be included in the package who will keep chanting during the ceremony, and the chant goes something like this “going for refuge” of the Three Jewels (“I take refuge in the Buddha. I take refuge in the Dharma. I take refuge in the Sangha.”And for the funeral ceremony preparations, this package includes a condolence book, round tables, funeral decoration, and many other things.

But if anyone needs additional facilities, it can be arranged if they pay extra for them. The other facilities provided include a post-funeral ceremony on the 7th, 49th, or 100 days. You get a mobile restroom, photography session, catering, and many other things. So for taking more facilities available, have to pay extra money as these are not included in the package.

Thus it won’t be wrong to Funeral Service Singapore tries it’s best to deliver its services and gets available all the time, even at odd times.

Does The Taoist Funeral Package Have The Same Facilities As Buddhists?

No, every religion has its customs and rituals. Similarly, they have theirs. They do not believe much in life after death and think that the spirit of death will guard the body. For arranging Taoist funeral ceremonies, Singapore has experts. They agree on other faiths’ funerals also.

So let us see what package Singapore Funeral Service offers. There are two packages they offer. One is for three days, and the other is for five days. It ranges from S$ 7500 to S$ 8500, respectively. This is usually conducted according to the family’s language, such as Cantonese, Hokkien, and so on, and each one might have different funeral procedures. But Funeral Services Singapore will arrange accordingly.

Funeral Services Singapore provides professional embalming for cremation or burial, and the team bathing and makeup the dead person. They also offer wooden caskets, half glass in three colors. So you can choose the color of the casket according to your will.

Funeral services provide all the necessary items which are needed for funeral preparations. They give funeral lanterns fruit platters representing five elements—Paper houses, prepared according to the body’s height.

Some Taoist funeral feature Buddhist funerals, like having an altar where a great-sized photograph is placed in front of the casket.

The priest hired will do a chanting ceremony for three days as part of the package. They will enchant when the body is confined—the night before the burial and then funeral day.

As part of the responsibility, the funeral service companies provide the mourners with home seating arrangements, tents, fans, carpets, and all things included in the package. If mourners want any other type of facility, then they will pay for the extra money.


You must have learned about Buddhism and Taoists religions and how their funerals are held through this article. Moreover, you would also get an idea about the funeral services and funeral packages offered by Singapore services. Although losing someone is heartbreaking and painful but funeral services providers  make ease at this difficult time