Amp Up Your Style With Stylish And Stunning Diamond Bracelets

Bracelets are charming accessories but add diamonds to them and you can take them to a whole new level of glam! Incredibly versatile, a diamond bracelet is an ideal gifting option, regardless of whether you are buying it for someone else or just want to pamper yourself after a hard day. However, no matter the reason, there are many brilliant designs to choose from, some of which are listed below!

Stunning Diamond Bracelets

A single diamond bracelet is enough to add a dainty charm to one’s look. Here are a few unique and popular styles of diamond bracelets you could consider if you are planning on purchasing one:

1. Classic and Subtle

Subtle designs in white gold or platinum are among the most popular diamond bracelets that people always go for. These bracelets would look gorgeous as ever while still adding to your minimal jewellery collection. One reason this is chosen over many other styles is that in a diamond bracelet like this, the brilliance of the diamond is increased due to light reflection from the white base metal.

2. Silver with Diamonds

Diamonds and gold may be considered the ideal combination, but you could take your diamond bracelet a step further and go for a silver bracelet featuring diamonds. These are sure to look lovely on your wrists. Another great thing about the silver and diamond combination is the white base shine of the silver will surely accentuate the brilliance of the diamond.

3. Infinity Diamond Bracelet

Look fabulous in something more deep and unique with an infinity diamond bracelet. This also makes a perfect gift for a loved one to show them how you wish to be with them till the end. The infinite series is something every diamond jewellery collector must check out since these sparkling charms are simply gorgeous!

4. Rose gold and diamond

Do you ever wish to make your jewellery collection based on different shades of rose? Then the rose gold bracelet with diamond is another important design you need to check out! These gold bracelets will not fail to give you a classy yet high-end look while ensuring that your jewellery is still minimal.

5. Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Ever wanted your bracelet to look like royalty? Then go for the gorgeous diamond tennis bracelet! These stylish jewellery pieces are made from embellishing the base metal with a line of symmetric diamonds.

6. Gemstones and Diamonds

Let your jewellery match the colour of your attire with coloured gemstones and diamonds jewellery! With bracelets featuring diamonds and gemstones, you will have the best of both worlds, and these will surely stand out from the crowd!

Buying the Right Diamond Bracelet

With so many beautiful styles of diamond bracelets out there, it might seem hard to simply pick one. Here is a small guide that might be able to help you with choosing the right diamond bracelet.

1. Picking the right style

The style depends on whether you are choosing one for yourself or somebody else. If you are picking a style for somebody else, then the next question you need to ask yourself is whether they like a statement or minimal pieces. If they are into statement pieces, then go for something more glamorous and classier like the tennis bracelet but if they are into something minimal, then pick a subtle rose gold and diamond piece.

2. The right diamond shapes and setting

Diamond shapes are an important factor in choosing the right bracelet. The reason is that if you are planning on matching your diamond bracelet with another one of your diamond jewellery, it is best if they are all of the right diamond shape and setting. A few popular shapes you could consider are:

  • Claw (prong) setting
  • Rubover setting
  • Channel setting
  • Pave setting
  • Illusion setting
  • Halo setting
  • Cluster setting

Cleaning Your Diamond Bracelet

There are very few things you need to remember about taking care of a diamond bracelet. These are:

  • Remove the diamond bracelet before showering or swimming
  • Avoid exposure, chemicals, or cosmetics
  • Clean your diamond bracelet by soaking it in a bowl containing light soap and lukewarm water.
  • Softly clean it using a lint-free cloth or an old toothbrush.

Diamond bracelets are an incredible option when you want to go for an understated charm while still adding that perfect touch of glam to your look. So, go through the design options given here and get a diamond bracelet that screams you! With the help of the buying guide and the cleaning tips, you can keep your diamond bracelet lasting for years after years, adding elegance to your look even after decades