Amine Chater: Taking over the American nightlife scene.

It is wonderful to learn about all those who exude a different level of brilliance in their chosen industries. These individuals and professionals make sure to put their best foot forward and create milestones in their careers, be it in any industry, even the fiercely competitive ones. This is easier said than done, but a few rare gems have stunned the world with their excellence in their fields and the tenacity they have shown in their work. One such passionate professional in the ever-evolving hospitality and nightlife sectors of the US is Amine Chater, who decided to pave his own path to success.

At age 22, he moved to NYC from Morocco for pursuing his studies. However, dropping out of his Master degree in Business Management during the last semester took Amine Chater on a different journey altogether, which opened up doors of many opportunities for him in the hospitality and nightlife sector. Suddenly the guy who didn’t have many friends started to socialize and went out on weekends. This allowed him to be around the right set of people, who encouraged him to put his social skills into action and get into the promotion scene in Manhattan across restaurants and nightclubs.

Little did Amine Chater know then that life would indeed present him with some of the greatest opportunities that would thrust him forward in the industry and help him create a career of his choice as a nightlife specialist. Recalling his earlier days, Amine Chater says that his biggest risk was to leave his comfort zone back home and move to the US to fulfil his dreams. It taught him that motivation and hard work make everything possible, even in a new environment where both the language and culture aren’t your best friends.

Being around people, in social setups, enjoying meetings, connecting with people and learning about new cultures motivated him to be a part of the industry. A decade later, Amine Chater has become a prominent personality and nightlife specialist across the US and has even expanded his business to Miami while also planning to expand it to Vegas and Los Angeles. His company is a complete concierge business that offers everything from yachts, exotic cars to villas and clubs and party dinners.

As a passionate nightlife entrepreneur, Amine Chater aims to elevate people’s experiences through the concierge services he offers through his business and raise the bar for his contemporaries in the industry.

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