American Independent Taekwondo Uses Martial Arts To Teach Life Skills

American International Taekwondo (AITKD) is an institution based in Springfield. It aims to teach you art and is committed to enabling spiritual and physical growth in you. 

Run by a family of martial arts experts, American Independent Taekwondo is a wholesome guide to people who wish to use their full potential. 

Read this discourse to discover how a unique sport can change your life. 

What Is American Independent Taekwondo? 

This is an institution dedicated to teaching traditional taekwondo. Based in Springfield, American Independent Taekwondo is run by two instructors, Jenna Burks, and Aaron Burks.

AITKD is created to build and enhance adults’ and kids’ mental and physical abilities. 

The institution uses cardio, sparring, and self-defense to strengthen its physical capabilities. On the other hand, it encourages focus, discipline, and other techniques to tame the mind. 

AITKD doesn’t charge for its classes and helps you honor your strengths and that of your teachers without thinking twice. 

In addition to that, it teaches you some amazing life skills through martial arts. Below we have mentioned each of them in detail. 

Life Skills to Learn Through AITKD’s Martial Arts Classes

Nothing is better than learning a sport and becoming a better and stronger person. 

Through AITKD, martial arts offer some excellent skills to help you become a better version of yourself. 

Here are six life skills you establish as a pro at this life-changing art. 


This skill means obeying and showing common respect to your team members and teachers. It also means being a better person and practicing healthy habits. 

Martial arts is a skill that encourages peace. 

When you enter the dojo, you are instructed to bow. This action helps you show respect to your training partners and instructors. 

Then, when you leave, you repeat, thanking your teachers for their time and guidance. 

Martial arts by AITKD helps you develop a sense of respect and thankfulness for your instructors as they guide you on every move. 


Next up, AIT’s martial arts classes are a great way to understand and develop perseverance. How?

They help you develop an assertive attitude that makes you believe you can achieve anything in this world. This belief makes you explore your capabilities that may not be visible to others. 

It helps to conquer and control all your desires and actions and focus. 

AITKD teaches you how belief is a source of inner power that pushes you to achieve all your goals. This means everything you do or wishes to do stems from one core value, and that is belief. 

As long as you believe in yourself, no power can stop you from reaching the final line. 


Martial arts by AIT helps you develop better self-control. It is a skill that young people often need to gain. 

The classes aim to develop strong self-control among their participants so they think twice before making a move.

This life skill is the need of the hour. In a world where everyone has an opinion to share and is eager to jump to a conclusion, self-control teaches us to be patient and look for the right opportunity to grab it. 

Self-control also teaches us to be better at communication. It helps you think twice before saying, ensuring that only correct words come from your mouth. 

Indomitable Spirit

This is a combination of self-control and perseverance. This tenet encourages you never to say never and give your best while you train. 

It also teaches you not to get overwhelmed by any obstacles you may face. In addition, it gives you the courage to face opponents with a high spirit and solid strength. 


Unfortunately, this life skill is often missing in many people, especially youth. They fail to explore joy in little things, so they don’t value their achievements.

AITKD martial arts classes help you identify your true self and appreciate your victories. They allow you to find the positive things in your body and mind, making you fall in love with yourself. 

This life skill teaches you to enjoy your wins without putting others down. This is a life-long skill that helps you become a great team leader. 


Lastly, you learn integrity with every new move. It is one of the best attributes to help you lead a great life. 

Integrity means to be true to yourself. It also teaches you to be accountable for the things you do.

Honesty is rarely found these days. But those who have it are the most successful ones in their lives. 

Final Takeaway

Undoubtedly, martial arts classes by AITKD are an experience. They help you achieve physical strength and also prove beneficial in teaching you many fantastic life skills for personal growth

Above all, these classes make you a better person, and that’s what this world needs today.