American companies battle on ownership of Tiktok

There’s hardly a person who has not heard about the Chinese app Tiktok, this app has gained popularity among all age-groups. China was attempting mischievous acts on the border so, over the night, more than 200 apps are banned by the Indian government, in a while the news is viral in all languages newspapers/news channel live Marathi news.

The main reason behind its ban in India is, because of the security concern as on the name of app purchases from the App store, Chinese App agencies are accessing the Indian user’s data and using for their hidden motives.

Tiktok was best for making a short video on the phone that was developed by ByteDance for both iOS and Android platforms but when the news disclosed by the government many faces got shattered. 

After the ban, the news was in the air that American companies are interested to purchase this app in which one name of Microsoft.

Tiktok was fighting the battle in the US, the American government has issued an order to TikTok to sell this app, the validity for this was 45 days. Recently in Marathi, Tiktok has given a declaration about the ownership of this subject app. 

The American government wants to purchase the source code of this app but ByteDance has confirmed in the report we are not going to sell it to anyone, whether it’s from American Government or others.

News related to Tiktok

Duration ended for American Tiktok ownership

Instead of banning it fully, the American government was trying to take ownership of Tiktok for the duration of45 days that ended last night 14 September 2020, and today it is clarified by the government of the US it will be banned soon.

New Proposal

Now the American government is planning to bring an interesting proposal for users of this app, this proposal will be made with the intention of security, they are going to make some essential changes that will comply with the privacy, security, online safety to protect the personal data, US government is trying to set the highest standards.

These principles are cleared in their past month’s statement, let’s see how it will be deployed and developed in different application areas.

According to the source of CNBC, there are high chances of Oracle being the partner of the globally trending China’s Tiktok app, if it happens, Oracle will take a significant part of the business. Although, there is no official announcement that has been made till the date. There is no press conference done by the department of ORACLE and the US government.

As the people and press reporters are asking to ensure who will be the owner of the Tiktok in the US. The CEO of Oracle Safra Catz has said in an interview during their quarterly earnings “Before I start, I want to make sure you understand that we don’t have anything to say about Tiktok. So there’s no need to ask.”

General Atlantic and Sequoia Capital, has also invested Chinese App Tiktok, Oracle was also planning to tie up with the same firm.

Why Oracle?

Oracle complies all the highest safety and privacy standards over the cloud, it also created a superstitious infrastructure for the cloud-based applications, with this, in the US, Oracle can deliver the high-performance based services over the internet efficiently. There’s a strong connection between the Oracle and US administrations, it can generate great revenue with the robust infrastructure.

Let’s ee who is going to win the battle between Microsoft and Oracle. The higher chance of Oracle, there are possibilities, Oracle will crack the deal.

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