Ameer Cajee paves way for aggressive streaming liquidity solutions in Africa

Ameer Cajee was ambitious in terms of cryptocurrencies from early 2010 when he had started mining bitcoin with his brother. By 2016, he was involved in algorithmic trading after gaining experience in trading cryptocurrencies. What started in a single bedroom is now an enormous investment company.

Ameer and Raees Cajee started Africrypt together, which is a successful algorithm-driven trading company, Cryptocurrency Exchange and Cryptocurrency Bank. Apart from investing his time in the company, Ameer has also been involved in many successful blockchain and cryptocurrency ventures and projects.

Born on November 12th, 2002 in Johannesburg, South Africa, Ameer chose this path as a way to give back to the community. Working on cryptocurrency and developing Africrypt is his way of bringing about change and modern trading in Africa so that his home country can prosper like all other leading states.

His journey and personal growth as an entrepreneur began when Ameer Cajee realized the potential cryptocurrency had to change the world around him. This was the driving force behind perfecting Africrypt as a trading company and led him and his brother to create a revolution in Africa.

With a lot of hard work and dedication, Ameer and his brother began writing algorithms that would trade the Cryptocurrency market. Soon, they had a full AI trading system running paving the foundation for Africrypt.

Bringing about a revolutionary change to the trading industry, Africrypt became globally recognized for the work it was doing in Africa. Through this company, the brothers introduced Cryptocurrency into people’s daily lives on a large scale allowing them to overcome the divide the banking system had created amongst the African society.

As an aggressive streaming liquidity company, Africrypt began offering Cryptocurrency Banking solutions, Investment solutions, Exchange services, and Blockchain development services to its clients.

Ameer Cajee comments on being the founder of business at such a young age, “Starting our business so early was not a simple process by any means. Starting a business that involved money at such a young age really proved to us how, as a country, we lack room for innovation in our youth because of the difficulties involved with getting exposed to the correct ways of setting up a business, being introduced to people who can help you, etc. We believe that we have derived valuable information from everyone we have crossed paths within our industry.”

From mining his first Bitcoin to mining his 100,000th Ethereum, Ameer has had many milestones since the beginning of his journey. As an entrepreneur, he was invited out to China to meet the executive team of Huobi which is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. Other than this, Ameer had success with his first institutional investors from mainland China and setting up offices in both Hong Kong and South Africa.

Ameer Cajee as a cryptocurrency expert hopes to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and fiat currency, making it a smooth transition between the two and stimulating further growth and prosperity in Africa.