AMD vs. Intel For ArmA 3 – Which CPU Brand is best?

Building and assembling high-end writing that meets the expectations of users increases with time. The development and innovation that occurs annually in the processors (CPUs) of the AMD and Intel brands continue to bet and compete. Both companies seek to achieve state-of-the-art technology that reflects the efforts of their creators.

CPU advancements have been significant in all respects, so games boost fluidity, resolution quality and drive immersive experiences. However, the confrontation between these two companies is extremely fierce and makes us doubt the choice of a perfect product to use.


Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) was founded in 1969 and is the world’s second-largest processor-related manufacturer. One point that has played in favor of this brand is its incomparable ZEN architecture established in 2017 in its processors.

The models produced are very varied, highlighting the FX series, Threadripper, EPYC, APU Ryzen, and, above all, the AMD Ryzen series. The latter achieved technological progress with its 5000 series released with the new ZEN 3 architecture (the most advanced and powerful on the market). Since the Ryzen 3000 series, AMD has increased its power, profits, and quality.


  • Low prices and ideal for gaming
  • They have chiplets and faster graphics processors
  • Overclocking can be done without problems
  • They have APU technology in some models
  • Vast number of core numbers
  • Cooling to reduce heat emissions
  • Processors work on all boards with a Socket AM4

Intel CPU

Intel is the company that dominates the current market for processors, and it is they who invented and made possible the development of the x86 architecture since 1968. They are pioneers of semiconductors who progressed in the development of the first memory chips SRAM and DRAM.

Its products have reached the Intel Core 11 Tiger Lake H (11th generation), which contains an architecture called Willow Cove. Another high-end device is the 10th Gen Intel Core i9-10980HK with Skylake architecture, in addition to the U and Y series for laptops.


  • The cache is large
  • Compatible with any RAM
  • His computing ability is perfect in games
  • The size, per generation, is reducing but its performance increases
  • Dissipates fewer amounts of heat and consumes little energy
  • Integrate graphics processors
  • Have high-frequency speeds for each core
  • Hyper-Threading and overclocking technology

AMD vs. Intel CPU

Intel ends up being the best alternative in this sector as a component of a low/high-end desktop because of its general specifications. However, AMD has presented a drastic evolution in the new processors in its catalogs that have increased their share by 30%.

AMD is a more accessible processor than Intel makes it more suitable for any function or use you want to establish. Intel, despite having a next-generation gaming performance, has not wanted to innovate more its capacity. Therefore, it loses popularity. That is due to the new improvements in the Ryzen 5000 series.

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The final decision depends on each person and the experiences they have had with these brands. It is about looking for the processor that best suits the user’s needs and that this, with its capabilities, perfectly complements a suitable PC desktop. The companies are absolutely important, and each one has different customizations that characterize each other. But, the exponential growth that AMD is getting over the years should not forget. It could soon rise to the top position of semiconductor manufacturers worldwide if Intel does not think of innovating.


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