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Amazon is becoming popular with every passing day. It is creating an atmosphere for the new and old sellers; therefore, everyone is trying to play their cards to stay ahead of its competitors. There was a time when some brands had a monopoly and enjoyed massive profits. Those days are long gone. Now sellers have to ensure that listings they do must be optimized and have unique content and images.

Photography has a critical role in converting the customer into a sale, yet many amazon sellers are not aware of that. So, here we will uncover the importance of Amazon photography and why it matters a lot. But, before jumping into that, we should know what amazon photography is.

Amazon Product Photography

Product photography requires some skills to showcase your products so that it attracts buyers’ attention. However, if you are not good at photography, you can avail amazon product photography services for this purpose.

Experts indicate that photography is an essential part of advertising. It might be in the form of online ads, broachers, billboards, or anything. However, if you are on a budget and can’t avail the photography services, you can hire a skilled Amazon photographer to do the job for you. Below we are about to tell you that why you should focus on the photography of your products.

Importance of Amazon product Photography:

We live in an era where visualization has a significant role in advertising products or services. Amazon experts have claimed that a buyer responds faster to the images as compared to written content. Moreover, a human bran process the picture a thousand time faster as compared to a written data. These days, information is conveyed through visualization as it saves time and serves the purpose efficiently.

Product photography reflects your brand image and helps build a lasting impression on the shoppers. Therefore, you should hire an Amazon photographer to ensure that your product images are polished and cleared in every manner to bring maximum customer engagement. As a result, you can achieve greater conversions through amazon product photography services.

Below are some advantages of professional photography

Images Convey a Strong Message: 

Suppose you are running Amazon PPC, and it helped you in bringing customers to your page. We land on your listings and starts were looking for the products. What if he didn’t like your product’s photos? He will move on, of course! However, if the photography is up to mark, it will help him understand the product and its uses. Ultimately, it will create an impression in his mind about your brand and build an image that you are here to assist the customer.

Quality Images Attract Buyers: 

  • It has been observed that many brands on amazon have low-quality images, and therefore, sales are low. The whole idea of uploading a professional and easy-to-understand picture is that you don’t have to explain everything. If you are on a budget and can’t afford an Amazon photographer, don’t worry! We have brought some tips that might help in improving your product photographs.
  • You have heard a saying, ‘they say we purchase with eyes’ It means a buyer will make his buying decision after analyzing the visuals of a product. Therefore, clear photographs of your product play a key role in attracting online buyers. Keep in mind that your listing should explain the uses of a product and what problems it could solve.
  • When it is about amazon photography, sellers get overburden, and they have to spend days taking different shots from multiple angles. But, that is not over here; sellers have to spend hours deciding which image is the best amongst all. Below are the tips for those sellers who want to complete the job without hiring any photographer.

Start with a Consistent Strategy:

If you are selling just a single product, taking few photographs will not be challenging. However, if you manage a complete store, you have to work hard on your photography to find the best images and upload them along with your products. It would help to start with how you want your pictures to show and relate them to your online presence since you are selling on Amazon, where shoppers navigate to your listing through images. Therefore, do not use any picture which another seller already lists.

Use white Background:

Amazon instructs its sellers to use plain and straightforward backgrounds behind their images. Not only Amazon but every eCommerce website suggests the same.

Apart from offering the above advantages, the white background provides a professional look and quickly attracts the buyers’ attention. It would help if you used a shooting tent to reduce the extra shadows; it also helps in eliminating the sharp angles, which might show an impression that the image is harsh. Some products look great in a natural environment, and some might not. Here you have to experiment to see what works better for your product.

1.    Appropriate Light:

In the online world, a buyer cannot physically feel or touch your product. Therefore, you have to ensure that your image is perfect in terms of background and lightning. Experts say that the right light can create a significant difference. Appropriate light can help transform the dark-looking items into the best form, which helps bring more customers and increase sales. Many products look great when photography is done in the natural environment. However, it might not be a good option for every product. Therefore, you must ensure that a proper amount of light is available while clicking the product images. You can also opt for artificial lighting.

2.    Image Resolution 

When I sell on Amazon, you should ensure that you’re a Camera with great resolution lenses. Every image you upload with your listing should be clear and does not be blurry at all. Every single picture must show the proper use of the product while viewing. Additionally, lighting should not be too much dull at the time of photography. That is the reason most people prefer the Amazon product photography service.