Amazon FBA Case Study – Product Keyword Research

Amazon is growing every passing day and bringing new updates to accommodate its buyers and sellers. Additionally, it has designed multiple business models, which include Private Labelling Dropshipping and FBA. These models come with their pros and cons. Here we will discuss FBA. Amazon FBA Case Study means fulfilment by Amazon in which your stock stays in Amazon warehouse, and the amazon delivery services deliver it. The business model brings multiple advantages for the sellers.

However, a seller has to be aware of the policies and how the Amazon algorithm works because you will make sales when your product ranks; many new sellers cannot rank their product despite their hard work.

Are you from one of those sellers? Did your listing fail? Do you know how to bring a $0listing back to life? Don’t worry, as we have designed the whole Amazon FBA Case Study to help you in winning more customers.

You have to follow the below parts for further guidance 

  • How to find a winning product
  • Analysis of Data optimization
  • PPC optimization strategies
  • Review of the results 

You will get massive information from this Amazon FBA Case Study that you can apply to your own Amazon FBA business and increase your sales.

know About Amazon FBA Case Study & Selling Product 

While going through a case study on amazon, it was figured out that identifying a winning product for amazon is the essential step. If you already have a product that is not selling, do not think that you have selected the wrong product, but you should research and look at the current situation before investing your amount and resources. A case study on amazon indicates that an FBA seller should see the product and validating its niche. Do you sell a product, which fulfils the customer’s requirements?

If not, then you should stop right there as you are not selling the right thing. It would help if you expanded your research in finding a product that could bring you more customers and rank your listing on the first page. You should check the product ratings and customer reviews before opening Amazon Seller CaseAdditionally, if your product is lost on the 100th page of Amazon, you have to search for the reasons.

Metrix for Product Niche Success: 

After verification of your product niche, you have to focus on the validation of your product niche. The experts like Jon and Stefan use the primary keyword to find out the Metrix, which includes buyers’ demand, the opportunity for competition, investment requirements, and revenue potential.

Health Checks Your FBA Listing: 

Many Amazon success stories are available, but they all have one thing in common …. They do the right things. Being an Amazon seller, you should know there are no shortcuts, and a half listing will not give you anything good. You must ensure that all product-hunting tools are available.

Below is the health check of amazon FBA listing and improvement areas, which are helpful for the amazon sellers 

  • Is the product listed inappropriate product category
  • Does the product included the keyword-shuffled title
  • The brand name appears at the start of the title
  • Bullet space has been utilized in optimal ways
  • Listing has high-quality images
  • Product price covers the breakeven cost

Amazon FBA Case Study & Keywords: 

What are keywords? Why are they so important? Keywords are like simple words that tell you how customer searches the product on Amazon. These keywords serve the purpose of signposts, which allow the customer to find out his desired product. Many amazon experts indicate that you should use a relevant keyword tool to find out the keywords with high search volume and low competitors.

To initiate the process, you should start with common phrases and then select high-density keywords to bring more customers and increase your sales. A group of experts indicates that keywords on fire are the tool, which should be used as it offers countless benefits to amazon sellers.

It offers a considerable amount of essential data to the amazon sellers rather than just providing keywords. The experts also rely on the ZG algorithm that gathers two main points and brings high-volume keywords. In a nutshell, the ZG score is your insight into the keyword’s relevancy and learning to trust this metric. Using this algorithm and refining the results with filters will get the most killer keywords for your Amazon listing.

Importance of Listing Optimization: 

Listing plays a crucial role in increasing or decreasing your chances of selling your product and winning more customers. Therefore, correct knowledge of tools and their use is the only way to boost your sales and expand the customer base. These days multiple listing optimizer tools are available, and you can insert your listing into the tool to create a compelling listing copy. An optimized listing copy is a key to success on Amazon

Below are some tips for new Amazon sellers for improvement 

  • Value the customer requirements 
  • Don’t repeat your keywords
  • Include the main keyword in your listing title
  • Use back end search terms
  • Keep check and balance on the optimization score 

PPC Campaign: 

Once your listing is live, it is time to increase the visibility so more eyes can see it and your sale gets a rise. Here you can use the PPC (Pay per click). It is a paid advertisement in which the seller has to pay for every click buyer makes. The PPC plays a significant role in increasing your page rank and winning more customers. Amazon experts favour the PPC campaign and indicate that when a seller opts for PPC, he should know that he is playing a long game. In the start, he has to keep patience and wait for a while; sometimes, you have to bear the loss. Although it is a hard truth to swallow, it plays very well in the end.

As soon you convert on PPC, the algorithm notes down your keywords and ranks them initially. If Amazon sees that you are selling a product on a particular keyword, it will rank your product naturally on the first page.

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