Amazing Things to Do in Chuuk this summer

Hey Folks!! Have you ever heard of the Chuuk Lagoon? No? Then grab an amazing opportunity to know about this island, located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Chuuk is one of four states in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), which is part of the archipelago of the Caroline Islands, a scattered group of islands. Because of its remote palm-shaded beaches, its unspoiled traditional culture, and rich biological biodiversity, the Federated States of Micronesia is a heaven for tourists.

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Explore Dublon

Dublon is an island in the Chuuk lagoon, which is also famous by its other name, Tonowas. According to the last census, the island is inhabited by not more than 3,200 people within an area of 8.8-kilometer squares. This means there is a lot to see with less population. You can find Japanese Military ruins easily on the single-lane track ringing the island, which includes the remains of a seaplane anchorage and large fuel storage tanks. Ask out your near and dear ones, maybe they want to explore this island.

Know something about Tonnachau Mountain

Are you ready to get swayed by the lush green sights and wonderful themes that blend in a beautiful setting of nature? Yes? Then you should include Tonnachau Mountain, which is a mountain on Moen Island in the Chuuk State of FSM. get an exciting opportunity to know about its interesting history from the locals and foreigners as well. Have you included this island in your summer vacation itinerary? Then, don’t wait folks!!! Reserve your tickets through the United Airlines Reservations portal and enjoy your vacations.

Go for Chuuk wreck diving

Chuuk state is an archipelago of several islands that gives numerous options to spend your days in the islands. You can vouch for wonderful nature strolling, birdwatching, hiking along the mountain trails, or enjoy water sports such as rowing, kayaking, deep water diving, etc. One of the most loved activities to do is wreck diving along the coasts of its islands. You can dive deep underwater in search of lost WWII artifacts, guns, engines, ammunition, and any other type of cargo. Isn’t it amazing, guys? Then hop on asap!!!

Find Soft corals in Chuuk Lagoon

Get the best out of Chuuk lagoon on this summer vacation!! Make a list of the best things that you would do here. The lagoon is waiting for your arrival with open arms. Put on your diving suit and jump off the coast of any of its islands. You can find its exotic sea vegetation, see amazing soft corals, thrilling water species, and adrenaline-rushing experiences. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or a newbie in sea explorations, just hire a local diver and get lessons from him.

See abandoned Nefo caves

Chuuk lagoon has an interesting history. Visitors get the best opportunities to explore its hidden facts which are connected with World War II. History buffs can find a plethora of knowledge through Nefo Caves, which were abandoned by Japanese Military Forces after the deadly war. These caves played an important role to guard the entry to the northern pass of the Federated States of Micronesia. Plus point is that you can explore caves on foot as these are not hard to access. Are you ready then, folks? Then book United Airlines Tickets from its official site and impress your close ones for this trip.

Dive in Truk Blue Lagoon

Covering about 1,800 kilometers in the Central Pacific Ocean, Truk Blue Lagoon is famous for its 225 kilometers of protective coral reef and astounding shipwrecks from World War II. The lagoon offers both worlds of marine history and marine life. Visitors, especially travel junkies and professional divers, appreciate the site for its impressive ecotourism specialty. Not only underwater, but Truk lagoon looks fascinating on the ground too. You can go for its exploration as it is perfect for sightseeing the rare birdlife of the FSM and the traditional villages of the 19th century.

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