Amazing Myths and Facts you Should Know About Tyres

Tyres are the only medium that acts as a connection between your vehicle and roads. While driving, tyres help distribute the entire weight of the car in equal instalments from front to back. It is crucial to give tyres the due importance that they need in order to ensure a safe ride.

There are many myths that we are going to burst in this article. These myths are believed by almost everyone. All must learn the facts about the tyres to make you aware of the real condition of your tyres.

Myth: Tyres are inflated according to the PSI value printed on the sidewall of the tyre.


The rate at which tyres should be inflated is not related to the PSI value printed on the sidewall of the tyre. You must not have given an excellent observation of the inner side of the road. The PSI value that is printed on the sidewall of the tyre shows the maximum inflation value that your tyres can bear.

The inner side of the gate shows the correct quantity of inflation that should be present in your Goodyear tyres Loughborough. You should have a look at the inner side of the gate and get your tyres inflated at the rate that is given there.

Myth: During summer, the air in the tyre expands due to high temperatures. Thus, the tyre pressure should be reduced by a few percentages as per the PSI.


Due to the high temperature in the summer season, the tyre heats up when the PSI is reduced. This causes the tyre walls to flex or bend. It is advisable to keep the inflation rate as per the PSI level printed on the tyres’ sidewall.

Even in the summer months, you should keep the inflation in accordance with the inflation rate recommended by the company itself.

Myth: Low tyre pressure helps to improve the grip on wet surfaces. Low pressure in the tyres makes the tyres skid less.


With low pressure in the tyres, they tend to skid more. This happens because—the gaps in the tread and the grooves decrease. Low tyre pressure can also result in tyres getting flat.

This has proven very dangerous in the past. As flat tyres tend to burst or get puncture sooner on roads with unpleasant conditions. So it is essential for you to get your tyres properly inflated.

Myth: Valve caps help in keeping the tyres inflated. It prevents the tyre from losing air.


The truth is that the work of valve caps is not to prevent the tyres from losing air. Although the work of valves is indirectly related to helping the tyres maintain their inflation but by different means.

The actual work of the valve is to prevent dust, water, and mud from entering the valve. The presence of such particles makes the tyres lose their air pressure at a significant rate.

Myth: It is possible to check that tyres have a soft or hard compound structure by touching them with your hands.


There are many layers below the uppermost layer in a tyre that give the tyre its soft or hard compound characteristics. The trade of the tyre can only give you a hint about the structure of the compound. You can not make out just by touching the exterior of a tyre that the compound is falling soft or hard.

For that, you have to get the tyre’s inflation checked with the proper machine installed on the cheap tyres Loughborough stores or fuel stations nearby. You must not make any decision regarding the soft or hard compound structure of a tyre just by touching them with your hands, as it can prove dangerous.