If we look back, ten years from now, businesses were conducted in a different way altogether. Although productivity-boosting devices were available back then, entrepreneurs and employees still had to wear multiple hats to run the company successfully. Fast forward today, things have changed beyond belief in the business world.

Take the example of conference rooms. It was not uncommon to find a worker dozing off during an important meeting. But this trend has been diminished, if not vanished, ever since the interactive whiteboards have hit the scene.

Sometimes presentations could be lengthy and tedious. Having interactive whiteboards by your side, you can quickly light up the atmosphere with colorful graphics. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many benefits that one can extract from these oversized display boards. Some of them are as follows:



Experts of the opinion, starting and ending a meeting on time is the first prerequisite of productivity. It conveys the value you associate to the time, and employees refrain from exchanging off-topic stuff. However, punctuality was challenging to maintain in the past because the IT team was deprived of the easy setup. They had to consume a lot of time upfront. Worse still, the unforeseeable technical glitches would pop up out of nowhere and prolong the conference for hours.

Luckily, that’s the story of a bygone era now. Interactive whiteboards are extremely easy to start. So much so, you can turn them on with little to no assistance from the IT pros. The hassle-free usability does not mean you will have to make peace with the poor quality. Depending on the model, you can purchase an interactive whiteboard of 1080p visual quality.



Unlike the past generations, the current lot of workers find themselves a misfit in the 9 AM to 5 PM window. They have high regard for better work-life balance and therefore like to work from their home. As a result, companies are forced to hire remote employees. But the connecting with the workers from varying geographical locations was a painstaking challenge until interactive whiteboards came to the rescue.

Of course, other alternatives were exploited to bridge the communication gap. However, none of them streamlined the process like these big digital screens. Remote attendants would barely feel not being physically present in the conference room.

Don’t assume that only tech-geeks can join the meeting. It only takes a merely logging in process, and the employees will be sharing the screen with the rest of the participants. Undoubtedly, it can’t any simpler than that.



Traditionally, meetings have been one-way traffic. The man in charge does all the talking while others just keep nodding their heads with hardly any input from their side. Provided this passive approach, many employees develop a distaste for meetings, and a highly collaborative business gathering becomes a once in a blue moon thing. That’s where interactive whiteboards can make a difference.

Activating the access feature, you can allow every person in the conference room to chip in by sharing documents in various formats, including PDF. When it comes to learning, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. So if you are having a hard time conveying a complex idea to your juniors through plain text, interactive whiteboards enable you to utilize videos and images. The cherry on the top being, employees, can also edit the files then and there with a variety of devices, such as android, IOS, and windows. 

Over the last few years, organizations have been increasingly stressing upon group work. The interactive whiteboards are a great tool to supplement this cause. Because, provided the extreme level of interconnectivity, group members can’t set a foot wrong.



Many small-scale startups install traditional whiteboards in their conference rooms. On the surface, it might seem to be a budget-friendly option, but that is a hoax. The reason being, these boards consume a lot of time. For example, the presenter will have first to jot down everything on the white surface and then wait until the participants note every critical point. Not to mention the embarrassing situation when the marker runs out of the ink and disturbs the flow. This event also leaves a wrong impression on the recruits. 

Since interactive whiteboards offer the luxury of file-sharing, you can drastically cut the duration of the meeting and invest the saved time in doing something more productive. Every smart business person knows that time is money. So buying a high-quality interactive screen will cost you a decent amount in the beginning, but it will prove to be the money well spent in the long run.  



Whenever a business confronts any problem, a meeting is called. The individual plan is discussed at length, and then a strategy is mapped out to get the issue out of the system. But sometimes the given roadmap falls short of research and ends up going down the drain. This event may occur because companies don’t bring the internet into play while making the roadmap.

Guess what; interactive whiteboards support internet connection. You can do all the fact-checking with your colleagues before reaching to the final decision. Be it tracing authentic sources or distinguishing facts from the fiction, everything is so effortlessly done when every member is taken onboard.  



Interactive conference are typically boasted as expensive equipment. But if you drill down the following factors, you will rubbish this claim:

  • An average interactive display lasts for nearly 200,000 hours.
  • Maintenance costs are non-existent
  • You may use them non-stop 24/7.
  • You don’t have to pay for additional software or hardware to use these screens.
  • No matter how harsh fluorescent light may be, it will not inflict any negative influence on the visuals. In simple words, you will save money by not replacing the bulbs.


As with any suitable technology, interactive whiteboards didn’t take too long to gain ground. Given the list of the above benefits, no corporate sector worth its salt can afford to overlook this device. It is about time you bid farewell to the outdated conference methods and take a leap forward with the help of interactive whiteboards