Am I Allowed to Visit the Jobsite of My New House

The journey to homeownership is an exciting endeavor that marks a new milestone for you and your family. You would naturally want to visit the site of your future home during construction, but is it allowed? The answer is yes! Most builders of new houses for sale accommodate your job site tour request for you to see your investment during construction.

Construction sites are subject to rules and regulations to protect homebuyers and builders on site. Follow the proper protocol when visiting so you don’t interfere with the building process or put yourself in danger. Here are tips for visiting your new home’s construction site to get the most out of your experience.

Schedule a Time With Your Builder in Advance

Surprise visits to the construction site are not encouraged as they can interfere with the workers’ schedule and be disruptive. The job site is a safety hazard with heavy machinery and equipment, which pose a danger to those who are not familiar with the site. You don’t want to risk yourself or the workers when you’re touring the site.

Scheduling a date and time for your site visit gives your builder a chance to prepare for your tour. It allows them to plan the tour around their construction schedule for you to see the progress without disrupting work.

Wear Appropriate Clothing and Footwear for Safety

Dress appropriately for the job site to avoid any accidents. Consider wearing:

  • Closed-toed shoes to avoid any potential foot injuries from falling debris
  • Long pants to protect your legs from scrapes or cuts from sharp objects
  • A hard hat to protect your head from potential injuries by falling objects
  • Protective eyewear to shield your eyes from debris or dust
  • Fitting clothes. Loose or baggy clothing could get caught on something causing you to trip and fall

If you don’t have all of the necessary safety gear, don’t worry. Most builders have extra personal protective equipment (PPE) that you can use during the tour.

Job site safety is a top priority for builders, so they may also ask you to sign a waiver before the tour. A waiver is a legal document stating that you understand the risks of touring a construction site and agree not to hold them liable for any injuries.

Follow the Builder’s Jobsite Rules

When you’re on the job site, follow all the rules and regulations set by the builder. These rules are in place to protect you, the workers, and the construction site. Every builder has different rules, but common job site etiquette includes:

  • Stay with the builder or designated representative at all times to avoid getting lost or injured
  • Don’t touch any of the construction equipment or materials to avoid potential accidents
  • Stay in designated areas so you don’t get in the way of the workers
  • Avoid entering areas that are off-limits to protect you from potential hazards
  • Asking permission before taking photos or videos to avoid disrupting the workers
  • Following the builder’s or representative’s instructions at all times

Your builder will tell you what you can and cannot do during the job site visit. If you follow the rules, you’ll have a safe and informative tour.

Ask Questions

The goal of your jobsite tour is to get a better understanding of the construction process and to see progress on your new home. Use this opportunity to ask your builder all questions that you have about the construction. They’ll be happy to explain the different stages of construction and what goes into building a new home.

Some of the questions you should ask during the tour include:

  • How is the construction progressing?
  • What kind of materials is being used?
  • Have there been any delays or setbacks?
  • What’s the timeline for the remaining construction?
  • Is there a process to resolve construction issues or problems?

Your builder will be glad to address your concerns for you to feel confident in the construction of your new home.

Be Respectful of the Workers

Remember that a construction site is an active workplace. There are workers on the job site who are busy building your new home. Be respectful of their time and space as you tour the site. Avoid getting in their way and avoid asking them questions directly. The foreman or superintendent should be your main point of contact during the tour. They oversee the construction workers and answer any questions about the worker’s tasks.

Take Pictures and Make Notes

Consider taking pictures or making notes during the tour to remember the details of the construction. This is helpful if you’re building a custom home and want to keep track of the progress. It’s a great way to remember what your builder explained to you about the construction process. You can use these pictures and notes to compare the construction site at different stages of the building process.

Visiting Jobsites for New Houses for Sale

Builders of new houses for salein the Charlotte area offer buyers the chance to visit the construction site and track the progress of their new homes. This is a great way to get a behind-the-scenes look at the construction process of your new home. It’s also an opportunity to ask questions and get to know your builder better. Go ahead and schedule a job site visit with your builder today!


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