Alternative Methods for Training Magic Skill in OSRS

Welcome to the OSRS Magic Guide! Here, we’ll discuss a few alternative methods for training your magic skill. These methods are not as profitable or efficient as the ones we’ve discussed before, but they are still viable options.

Arceuus Library
The Arceuus Library is a great way to get from level 1 to 54 magic for free. By handing in books on the ground floor of the library, you’ll get a Book of Knowledge which will grant you experience equal to 11 times your magic level. However, you may need some potions to boost your magic level to gain access to higher-tier books.

Charging Unpowered Orbs
Charging unpowered orbs is a profitable training method that won’t give tons of experience per hour. You may cast the different tiers of the spell at specific levels, but at the moment the most profitable ones are air orbs. Be careful not to appear on a framed video, as this could result in a ban.

Lunar Spellbook
You may also gain magic experience by being on the Lunar Spellbook and casting Magic Imbue. Whenever you can while doing things like questing and agility, simply click on this spell whenever it’s available and you’ll get some passive magic experience on your way to 99.

Recharge Dragonstone Jewelry
With a hard enough effort, you can also unlock a spell called Recharge Dragonstone Jewelry. With it, you can recharge amulets to glory, necklace, and combat bracelets, and you can do a full inventory at once. These will almost always be profitable since people are lazy and just want to buy the charged ones at GE.

Reanimating Insult Heads
Reanimating Insult Heads is similar to Demonic and Sinister offerings but the magic experience per hour is not as good. It is not recommended for training from 1 to 99, but it’s still a viable option if you want to mix up your training routine.

Now, let’s dive into the four recommended paths for training from level 1 to 99 magic.

The Balanced Path
The balanced path is the way to go if you want to evenly distribute your training methods. From levels 1 to 10, do questing. From 10 to 25, use low-level combat spells. From 25 to 55, spam clicks the highest available teleport spells (Lumbridge, Falador, and Camelot). From 55 to 76, swap to the Lunar Spellbook to do Superheat Item. Finally, from 80 to 99, use String Jewelry.

The AFK Path
The AFK path is perfect if you want to train magic while doing other activities. From levels 1 to 10, do questing. From 10 to 27, use Level 1 Enchant. From 27 to 49, use Level 2 Enchant. From 49 to 55, use Level 3 Enchant. From 55 to 78, use High Alchemy. Finally, from 78 to 99, use Plank Make for profitable, yet AFK training.

The Profit Path
The profit path is for those who want to make money while training magic. From levels 1 to 10, do questing. From 25 to 55, spam clicks the highest available teleport spells. From 55 to 80 or 86, spam click High Alchemy. From 80 or 86 to 99, use String Jewelry or Plank Make, respectively, for profitable training.

The Speed Path
The speed path is the fastest way to train magic but also the most expensive.
To start off, you’ll want to enchant the highest tier of gem-tipped bolts that you can, which can be done from level 10 onwards. This method will require you to buy the bolts, along with the required gems, and then enchant them using the appropriate spell. This can be done at any enchanting station, which is located in various places around Gielinor.

Once you reach level 62, you can then move on to bursting. This method involves casting the Ancient Magicks spell, Burst, in the Catacombs of Kourend. This will require you to have completed the Depths of Despair quest, which will grant you access to the Catacombs. The best location to burst is in the Dust Devils’ room, as there are a lot of these monsters in a small area, allowing you to hit multiple targets at once with your spells.

Finally, at level 86, you can upgrade to Barrage spells, which are even more powerful than Burst spells. These spells hit up to nine targets at once and are incredibly effective for training magic. However, they are also more expensive to cast than Burst spells, so be prepared to spend more money on this method.


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