ALSCO – Providing First Class IT Solutions to Combat Cyberattacks

The internet has become a ubiquitous component of the modern era and improved our lives in many ways, but it has also exposed us to a multitude of nefarious influences that are extremely challenging and diverse. The more technology is evolving, the more we are becoming vulnerable to cyberattacks. Cybersecurity is very crucial in this technology driven environment, where the sophistication of threat actors and their persistent cybercrimes are unparalleled.

Nowadays organizations have become fully reliant and dependent on digital tools and technology, therefore it is not surprising that the demand of an efficient cybersecurity system is more than ever. Although organizations are working day and night to counter these threats, the advanced strategies of Hackers are making it difficult for them to safeguard their sensitive and confidential information. From stealing login credentials in order to access computers and smartphone to spying on individuals using public Wi-Fi, cybercriminals have become craftier and therefore the cybersecurity professionals have to be extremely vigilant to monitor any suspicious activity.

A well-maintained cybersecurity system of an organization will not only keep the business reputation intact, but will also maintain credibility and trust, lead to better data management, improve cyber posture, enhance productivity, support the information technology workforce, enable streamlined access control, educate the employees, prevent website crashes and assist remote working.

However, if a cybersecurity system is not up to date it will halt the daily operations of an organization. Effective risk management and implementation will enable companies to monitor their system and will help them in the identification of potential gaps and vulnerabilities. Cybersecurity awareness is also very vital for reducing the threat of data breaches.

Cybersecurity is expected to remain the most dynamic domain of information technology, with new trends, threats and technologies emerging. One company who has taken the initiative to combat these cyberattacks in order to protect important data and information of their clients is ALSCO TODAY.

ALSCO is a private international information technology company, which was founded by Dr. Kifah Hussain Abid in the year 2007. It is a software development company and data center, which offers technical support and quality engineering solutions to its clients. Whether it’s a web application, database, software, mobile device or email, the unique features and high-performance network solutions of ALSCO protects all of them from cyberattacks.

It provides security solutions through its Secure Gateway, which offers continuous protection for applications and websites by inspecting all the traffic and only allowing authorized and legitimate access. Through this platform companies can address the hidden threats and take risk-based decisions. Its cloud-based solutions are essential for business activities as it helps an organization’s system to reach an optimal level of success and creativity. Whereas, ALSCO’s software solutions helps companies in elevating their enterprise core and conquer the challenges and obstacles faced because of technological transformation.

ALSCO’s data center provides a 100Gbps+ Network, which is extremely reliable and offers low latency at ultra-high speed, and also supports in the data storage, virtualization and computing of applications. Their data center currently provides solutions for Juniper, HP and Cisco.

ALSCO provides its computer software and security solutions to different industries such as government, banking, technology, healthcare, manufacturing and transportation industry. The local, state and federal government institutions depend on the Secure Gateway platform for securing data and preventing malicious attacks through ALSCO’s Web Application Firewall. The banking sector also reaps the benefit of ALSCO’s Secure Gateway platform as it helps them in meeting the changing industry and customer demands by offering secure and smart cloud solutions.

Most healthcare organizations also depend on their information technology systems; therefore, cybersecurity is also very important for their operations. For this purpose, ALSCO provides healthcare organizations with dependable IT consultants and contractors. ALSCO facilitates the transportation sector by offering IT Staff Augmentation expertise that helps transporters in meeting the departure, arrival and delivery schedules. Additionally, ALSCO also provide organizations with the services of IT professionals and skilled engineers, who also benefit different industries through their expertise and support.

ALSCO through its products and services is not only helping organizations in utilizing the best of today’s technology, but is also contributing to the growth of the computer software industry. ALSCO’s business is expected to grow in future because it is making a positive difference in the lives of their clients by providing Top class IT solutions.