Alpha Capital Anstalt lawsuit

Once an investment is made, the partners become one organ, like a family. It is not always a smooth transition. The relations have to be managed delicately with a wide variety of challenges. Alpha Capital Anstalt lawsuits are an example that not always you can avoid legal disputes. It is a cause of heartache and a long process with large expenses.

Both the investor and the company start by seeing only the mutual benefits of the partnership. Alpha Capital Anstalt invests the money in buying shares, anticipating the success of the product in hand. The partner needs the money to move forward in the business world and develop the invention. Hand in hand the venture can succeed. It works like that time and time again to the benefit of all. But not always.


A business partnership is a complex matter. It is expected from all parties to come to the table with the best intentions. Hiding information will not last long and it is clear that the deal will explode. It is just a matter of time. Sometimes the Alpha Capital Anstalt lawsuit is caused by the excess trust it gave to its partners. Going to court is something that does not benefit anyone. A successful institutional investor wants to focus on constructive work and not unnecessary wars. 

Trust is everything.

Such a case is the Alpha Capital Anstalt lawsuit against IPCI. A researcher and developer of generic controlled drugs. A company that fits like a glove to Alpha Capital Anstalt’s profile. Alpha is a successful company that invests in pharma companies and advanced medical developments and technology.

This company was in negotiations with Alpha Capital Anstalt conducted by Mr. Patient, IPCI’s Chief Financial Officer. He was also a member of the board of directors. His status was high in the company, and he spoke on behalf of the owners. A personal relationship of trust was created between the parties. It felt like a family bond. A shocking fact that Mr. Patient has actually already resigned, sent the parties directly to court. Trust was irreparably broken.


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