All you should know about a plate carrier

Body armour has been around since people started using leather straps to protect themselves from the world’s dangers. Thankfully, body armour has advanced quite a bit over the centuries. Now, we have great tools like plate carriers to protect ourselves from the enemy’s tricks. Hire services from the best covert plate carrier suppliers

This is everything you need to know about plate carriers. This guide has something for everyone, whether you’re a newbie who wants to learn more or a current owner who needs more tips and tricks. Let’s dive in.

Introducing plate carriers….

This section tells you what plate carriers are, what different kinds are, and more. You should also hire services from the best covert plate carrier suppliers

How Does a Plate Carrier Work?

People usually think of bulletproof vests, guns, and other similar things when considering body armour.

Body armour is a broad term for anything that keeps your body safe from harm, usually from bullets. The most common type of body armour is a bulletproof vest, and a plate carrier is just one type of bulletproof vest.

The moniker “plate carrier” comes from the fact that these vehicles are equipped with bulletproof ballistic plates. They are mainly used to protect against rifle fire. In case you ever need to switch out the plates, there are pockets on the carriers for you to do so. MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment. They have a lot of pouches, compartments, and places to attach tactical gear.

In addition to the pockets and the plates that can be switched out, which are not included when you buy a plate carrier, they sometimes come with a cummerbund.

These not only let you change how the plate carrier rides, but they also give you more room to carry your tactical gear, which helps in saving time if you’re in a dangerous situation.

Depending on the size of your carrier, you can switch out different plates, so you can use the same vest in different situations and use the right plate for the job. Remember that the vest doesn’t offer much protection without the plates.

Plate carriers are usually used by law enforcement, military, civilians, who consider their body armour seriously. This is because plates are generally used to protect against rifle fire, and their primary purpose is to keep you safe, not to show off to your friends.

What Kinds of Plate Carriers Are There?

Plate carriers can be divided into four main types: sleek, simple, medium, and heavy. Here is a quick summary.

  • Smooth Plate Carriers: Even though the name might make you think of something else, “slick” plate carriers are just the plate and some fabric to hold it to your chest.  It’s as simple as you can get because it’s meant to be hidden under your clothes. It is made of a soft fabric that only holds the plate (or very little). Again, this is when you don’t want other people to know you’re wearing body armour. Many carriers for slick plates weigh less than a pound (without the plate).
  • Minimalist Plate Carriers: When compared to sleek, minimalist is more preferable. The sleek may not have any pockets or pouches at all, but the minimalist will have plenty of MOLLE to hold everything you need. Most of the time, these plate carriers can carry gear that weighs between 10 and 25 pounds. Minimalist carriers are not meant to be hidden, but they have a lower profile and usually don’t have a cummerbund, making them lighter and easier to move.
  • Medium/standard plate carriers: People who want to carry more than the basics but still less than a wrecking ball like to use these. Medium plate carriers have more places to attach tactical gear, ammunition, water, etc., and can carry up to 30 pounds comfortably.
  • Heavy Armor Plate Carriers: These are monsters! The heavy carriers are made of rigid, tear-resistant materials and have a lot of MOLLE. They also have extra padding to carry over 35 pounds of gear. Even law enforcement officers don’t need these unless they plan to live in the woods for months.

What’s the ideal plate carrier?

If you ask 20 people about the best plate carrier, you might get 30 different answers. The “best” plate carrier is one that you like the most. The slick plate carrier is a good choice if you want something light and easy to hide.

The minimalist or medium will work better for you if you want to bring more things, like a canteen, extra magazines, a flashlight, etc. If you don’t serve our great country in the military, the burden will be a bit much.

Final Thoughts:

If you want to improve your body armour, you should get a plate and carrier. They protect you more than a regular bulletproof vest, come in different sizes, and let you carry more stuff, so you don’t need a backpack or other pouch.

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