All You Need to Know to Become a Data Science Professional

Data science professionals are unicorns of the IT industry. They are paid handsomely well and the demand for them continues to rise across industry sectors. Data science jobs sound a bit too technical, somewhat mysterious, and difficult to bag. However, that’s not the exact reality. It’s all about the preparation. The only difficulty with securing a data science job is that you require knowledge of a number of subject disciplines. But then, if you are a perseverant and hard-working person, it will not be a hard path to follow.

As per a Statista study regarding IT skill shortages that the CIOs faced across the world during 2017 & 2019, it was found that data science skills were the rarest to find, with 44% of CIOs (Chief Information Officer) agreeing to the same.

Data Scientist Salaries in the US
Data Scientist Salaries in the US
Source: Payscale

As per Payscale, a data scientist with 1-4 yrs of experience in the US earns an average of $87,267 annually. Mid-career data scientists with 5-9 yrs of work experience make a median earning of $98,447 yearly.

What Tech Skills Recruiters Look for in a Data Science Professional?

Data scientists ought to have a plethora of mathematical and analytical skills that comprise linear algebra, multivariable calculus, among many others. Data science is essentially an amalgamation of mathematics, computer science, and statistics. Machine learning is another skills recruiters desperately seek in a candidate because it’s rare to find.

Familiarity with popular programming languages like Python, Java, or R is a must. R, specifically, is required by many employers as a mandate, as it’s deployed for varied data science tasks such as statistical analysis, predictive modeling, and data visualization.

Other important data science skills comprise:

• Knowledge of Hadoop framework
• Adept in working with SQL & Oracle Server Database
• ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) skills

Requisite Educational Qualification for Advanced Data Science Roles

A large percentage of firms ask for a Ph.D. in a related subject discipline such as computer science or mathematics. While a Ph.D. degree can certainly give you a competitive edge, it’s not required for entry-level job roles. However, when you move up the data science career ladder, the significance of a Ph.D. degree will come into play. If you don’t possess an advanced degree as powerful as a PH.D., and industry-relevant data science certification may come to your rescue.

What Should You Do to Break into Data Science Domain?

Data Science Domain
IT skills shortages facing CIOs (chief information officers) globally (2017-2019)

Source: Statista

If you happen to be a recent graduate or a college student, and seeking entry into the data science domain, the essential data science skills that you should possess, basically depends on the prospective employer. It predominantly depends on the need of the employer, for instance, what does he require in terms of technology tools. Besides, your chances of success also rely on whether the company you are interviewing at has the time to train and develop entry-level data science professionals or not.

Here are a few recommendations for data science aspirants, while we keep in mind that you are a fresher, and have no prior experience in the said professional domain:

• Study about statistics, data coding, and data analysis. One can read books, online blogs, articles, PDFs, video tutorials, online courses etc. to gain information regarding these data science concepts.


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