What is NBN?

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is a federal government-funded nationwide project that intends to provide faster internet for all households and businesses. The rationale behind the project is the relative incompetency of the present copper network to suit the twenty-first century’s internet needs. Sensing the changing consciousness of the times, the Australian government decided to shift to a much faster and reliable network that would provide quick access to the internet services and landlines irrespective of the user’s location.

With dedicated and reliable service providers like Vodafone coming to the fore,NBN plans are now both affordable and worthwhile. From choosing the desired plan to the final installation, services are seamless and faster than before. The network opens up more opportunities in the fields of trade, entertainment, business and health care by making all equipped enough to be more prolific and dynamic in the years to come.

Is Shifting to the NBN Worthwhile?

Yes, because The NBN is the future. When the project began a few years ago, many sidelined it as a far-fetched idea. Unless one wants to turn entirely mobile, s/he will have to shift to the NBN to remain connected to the internet at home. Once the NBN network starts working in an area for eighteen months, the residents of that area may not be able to use their existing internet services. Hence, to experience uninterrupted service, most of the users will have to shift to the NBN. It is essential to keep in mind that individuals will automatically transfer to the NBN. They will have to hold on to a service provider like Vodafone to activate the network.

The network is structured to elevate the industrial possibilities and household broadband requirements by substituting the age-old infrastructure with advanced, modified connections. As the internet does play an inevitable role in every individual’s personal life, it is necessary to develop a more robust and quicker broadband network, particularly in a geologically isolated nation like Australia. However, it is equally essential to subscribe to the desired NBN plans via reliable service providers like Vodafone to experience flawless service. If one is content with the existing network and has been enjoying the services for quite a long time, the very idea of shifting to a new network is likely to make them feel a bit uneasy. But do not worry. The steps are very simple and straightforward.

How to Connect to the NBN?

Though the steps might slightly vary from one provider to another, these are the necessary steps that are fundamental in connecting to a new NBN network.

Choose a Reliable Provider

Choose an experienced service provider that encourages customer accessibility. The providers must assist their customers not only during the initial set up process, but should also ensure good after-sales service. 

Choosing the Ideal Plan

After checking their address from the provider’s website, subscribers can choose the best NBN plan available for their location.


Place the order and give your address for installation. 

Receive and Set up the Modem

The service providers will send their modem to the customers, and they can install it as per the instructions given by the providers. Now, subscribers can start enjoying the new connection by connecting all the devices.